Fabric, Brand fabric, Brand Apparel Fabrics


Clothing to Fabric Made of, Fabric Is used to make clothing materials. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabric can not only interpret clothing styles and characteristics, but also directly about the clothing color, the shape of the performance results.

Macrocosm in the clothing, the Fabric Varied, with each passing day. But in general terms, high-quality, High-grade fabric Most have a comfortable, Sweat-absorbent breathable, hanging stiff and smooth, visual elegance, soft touch several aspects of character.

Production in a formal social occasion dress clothing, should the election Cotton,Wool,Pure silk,Pure hemp Products. To these four natural texture of the clothing fabrics, most of the higher grade. Sometimes, wearing plain leather clothing, is also permitted.

  1, Cotton

  2, Azabu

  3, Silk

  4, Woolen

  5, Leather

  6, Fiber

  7, Blended

Fabric, Brand fabric, Brand Apparel Fabrics