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English name POLO shirt POLO SHIRT: from polo dress, polo shirt, therefore also called, is a short-sleeved pullover movement, opening with placket neck and next with the buttons. Polo shirt texture is generally 100% cotton fabric, there were net, plain and other knitting patterns. Polo shirt has a long history as a handful of reservations so far continue to wear clothing styles of classical, Polo shirt is by virtue of its classic style, a special campaign by the dress code, evolved into the most commonly worn clothes today one style.

1, Origin: Jersey shirt Polo shirt originated in the 19th century. Initially by the worsted wool weaving, knitting place because Jersey abroad in England, the island, so the earliest known Jersey sweater (jersey shirt, jersey is a synonym), which used football, rowing and other sports wear . Why is this movement into the polo shirt it does, then the need to introduce polo (Polo) history of the development:

2, molding: British Raenmaa shirt Polo (Polo) to be originated in China during the Tang, in later centuries spread to the West. Its name comes from India where local people play a kind of Tibetan in a wooden ball called pulu. Later, as the British occupiers of India will be the campaign back to the Great Britain.

In the Victorian era, Polo Sport Kit includes: white flannel trousers, a white tennis sweater (for the cause sweating), and a neat white shirt collar (collar out later to wear shirts with buttons)

Later, gradually replaced the old T-shirt Jersey Polo shirt, new shirt neck down, with folded collar or lapel, and long sleeves, five buttons set in the middle of the front collar. The new shirts to long-term popular in Richmond Park and the British representative of the Federation of polo polo field.

3, pop: Lacoste tennis shirt brand Late 19th early 20th century, as the rules require, need to wear long-sleeved tennis shirt and tie. In 1926, short-sleeved sweater by French tennis champion Rene Lacoste (勒内拉科斯特) introduced, in addition, he also invented the ball machine and metal racket. Lacoste has "Le Crocodile" (Crocodile) This nickname, the nickname may have come from his ability in the course of the attack may also come from his unusually long nose, the other argument is that a game in 1923 before the United States , Lacoste, and teammate bet that if he won the race, he saw in the store to buy a crocodile skin suitcase, which he lost, did not buy that skin suitcase, so his teammates call him Crocodile.

Ralph Lauren called the most successful fashion designers of his design ideas from life experience, and in Ralph Lauren insists American spirit, not only the essence of the American leisure across the globe, even classical elegance the style into the design, simple, practical to wear, easy with the Polo shirts have become a household classic.

Because basically the same style POLO shirt, so he's comfortable on the largest purchase points. POLO shirt wearing stickers on the body, must make you feel comfortable, to be able to absorb sweat Caixing breathable. So, need a very fine fabric. Purchase a look at what is used in cotton clothes, fabrics have been combing the finishing process, whether the details of hairiness, 40 pairs of yarn structure is the best, his tight flexible, enduring the beads to organize, full particles, not easily deformed.

Lacoste shirt design for his first with ribbed collar and ribbed sleeve small, clothing and body longer, as is the fierce competition is not easy to fall off outside, shirt button in the Placket structure is from the polo shirt. The first white crocodile shirt once in tennis led to a revolution, instead of at the traditional tennis players usually wore long-sleeved wool shirt sizing. This shirt was slightly shorter than other types of shirts, collar short sleeve, with texture and light, weaving fine "small plain weave cotton single-sided carpet" for the fabric. The comfortable, durable solid advantage has remained since, making a unique alligator shirt, a unique brand.

4, universal: from tennis, polo, golf, sailing to the public leisure apparel sweater In 1926, Lacoste's friend Robert George in his artists designed the crocodile emblem, Lacoste in a sports jacket has its own tag. Lacoste in 1929, decided to put his sweater to the well-known trademark line of promotion.

1933, Lacoste and then president of France's largest knitwear company Andre - Gilliere together to create the company. The company mainly produces Lacoste originally designed for himself, knit shirts with the crocodile logo, and the other for tennis, golf, sailing shirt. Lacoste created the trademark symbol at the first of its kind outside clothing. This practice followed by all the major brands followed suit. In 1933, the alligator shirt sales in the French Open, it immediately became popular 30 years of men, crocodile shirt sold in the United States in 1952, President Eisenhower began with the senior golf tournament in his campaign wearing alligator shirt.

From the 20th century 70's, the alligator shirt is more popular popular, in men, teenagers, children, "crocodile" is a sign of good quality, with alligator shirt is a status that they wear different way: Bottom pull out; Rib collar open with erect; 80's, they turned the collar down the button labeled; women can wear male clothing companion. Alligator shirt is a wardrobe, a major American middle-class style, but also tennis shirts and polo shirts (Polo Shirts) common word.
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