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The so-called formal dress, is applicable to a solemn occasion of the formal dress, formal dress is formal occasions, rather than entertainment and home environment of the dress. Such as suits, tunic, Dress, etc..

Men should be very particular about wearing suits.

In Western countries, are installed, including suits, tuxedo; in China, is mainly loaded Zeyi suit, sometimes you can wear Chinese tunic suit.

The most common formal men's wear, we often saw in the white-collar workers are the "shirt + suit + tie + trousers + shoes" in fact, in the summer wearing only shirts and trousers are also being installed in the embodiment of the collar of the tunic style areas are also being fitted suit. Dressed suit the occasion, because the appropriate atmosphere to suit the performance of the solemn features.

Suit jacket is not, nor is it uniform, but attend the formal occasion clothing, it is called is loaded. Suit should first be refined and elegant fabrics, suit fabric to be quite broad, yet not too heavy, the color black as the superior color, gray for the second; suit particular about fit, clothes should be too hip length, the standard size is from the neck to the ground 1 / 2 long; sleeve length 11cm sleeve at the bottom to the thumb the most appropriate; slightly higher than the suit collar shirt collar; trousers and long socks are not exposed to the heel office shall prevail; waistband before the low and then high, pants-type according to the trend choice, pants can not be curling edges; these are the basic matching suit, reflecting the normative suit.

There are other details of the match, such as neckties, bow ties, handkerchiefs, shoes, buttons, etc., they also are an important part of wearing installed, can not be ignored. Men are installed where the most out of color is the upper body of the "V" word parts, the tie bar system becomes the center of attention. Formal occasions, the color can not be fancy tie, but in monochrome or color printed twill are mostly black and white, black blue and gray tie consisting of the most authentic; usually Windsor knot, single knot method main bundle system; wear tuxedo should be wearing a tie; shirt under the suit and the choice of style, shirt color as the white shirt; suit the pockets of not misplacing things, shirt pocket handkerchief or a bouquet should be inserted, the stacked towels also pay attention to, exposed parts of the usually showing triangular shape of the handkerchief with silk, linen was excellent; wearing a suit, a man should bring their own handkerchief, handkerchief clean, neat, in order to carry; dressed in a suit bag should not only hand bag, suit and deduct a certain formal occasions To fasten, double-breasted suit on the button one department; necessary occasions, with some small decorations should be complete, such as tie clips, Bi bone. Bi bone texture must be valuable, like pearls, platinum, etc., used to attend the party, cocktail party; tie clip to clean, expensive, highly decorative; shoes should Bodi, patent leather, without any black metal decoration shoes better; need to be wearing gloves, wearing a tuxedo when you must wear gloves, gloves, silk white for the better, also white deer skin texture. Dress suit, while in the specification, showing men's temperament, is identity, a symbol of politeness.

Dress suit also elements of the times, it can fully reflect the stylish, popular, but choices must be timely and appropriate manner. For example, the average workplace, avoid wearing colorful, grid style, etc., we must take off mark, tie also as simple, stable color, texture and elegant; in the office, suit the style, color should be biased in favor of conservative , with the surrounding environment, people coordinated the details of assembly can be some subtle changes, such as neckties, shirts with color, tie a timely work of spare time to relax. As men, should be more prepared shoes, shirts, ties, often to replace a fresh impression.

The same as with other garments, men are also being installed with skill. Should first clear the time, situation, understand the basic principles of formal dress wear, so men's wardrobe, a black suit is essential. Secondly, according to their preferences, with a different selection of shirts, shoes, ties, suits show the different charm.

Attention is being installed, Ms.

1, skirt three taboo 1. Not a pair of black leather skirt (prostitutes in the international standard equipment).

2. Not just legs: wear a pair of Baoxie to easily wrap both before and after grinding.

3. Can not add pants under her skirt, can not wear half of the socks, came up with three arms and legs, called the malicious use of technical terms to describe split.

Second, the three allowed Accessories 1. Affecting work: ring.

2. Flaunt money: N a ring.

3. Sex appeal: brooches, earrings, chains (emphasizing that place, do not look at you is not mean).

Third, the principle of wearing jewelry

1. Quantity: To cut better, pretty girls do not wear the best; not more than three, each of not more than three samples; bride exception, can act recklessly.

2. Homogenous of the same color: (required jewelry with the same texture, same color) the preferred platinum, silver re-election, the final selection of stainless steel.

3. Customary rules: men wearing women wearing Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Not suitable for women with a cross, or as if with white flowers
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