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Thermal underwear

Underwear, is affixed wearing clothing, including vests, shirts, pants, bras and so on.

In other clothing to wear underwear that the clothes are usually direct contact with the skin, is one of modern clothing essential. There absorbent underwear, orthotics, supporting the body, warm and free from contamination from the body of harmful effect, sometimes seen as sexual characteristics. Also contain some underwear religion means.

Underwear in the Han dynasty known as the "heart jacket", In Jin called the "two-crotch," said Tang Dynasty "in China and Xie Yi" in the Song called "Tube Top" in the Ming Dynasty called "Lanna skirt" In the Qing Dynasty was called "stomachers."

Modern women's underwear, including shelter and protection and the protection of lower body bra breasts underwear; men that briefs and pants. Modern underwear in addition to personal, but also gradually developed into a multi-functional underwear, in addition to protect the body, there Reconstruction of the function. Thermal underwear is a modern vocabulary, the relative than ordinary underwear to keep warm, normal to thin, lightweight underwear.

Wearing thermal underwear for personal, direct contact with the skin, can not have static, so to the best cotton. The most common long-sleeved cotton underwear is the most personal representative. Thermal underwear under the style can be divided into two types of single and packaged, according to the thickness of fabric can be divided into thin, thin, thick, medium thick, thicker five-large type. According to use and can be divided into Body thermal underwear, thermal underwear casual, cold thermal underwear of three. The three kinds of functions both Body.

Five tips for selecting thermal underwear Thermal underwear for winter as much "decompression" of the underwear, the last two years popular fashion crowd favorite. Currently the market in the end there is no thermal underwear manufacturer propaganda so magical? Consumers in the end it should be how to select thermal underwear?

Some tips for consumers:

A purchase of thermal underwear, make rational choices, more cost-effective products, do not think that the more expensive the better.

B treated correctly identify the products of thermal underwear ads, the basic function of thermal underwear is comfortable and warm, and some ad content is the lack of scientific basis, not blind credulity, such as "card" like the so-called high-tech concept.

C Select thermal underwear, the fabric should be soft and comfortable, light weight, good flexibility, better warm.

D warm underwear and breathable insulation of the amount (fabric density) is inversely proportional. In order to deal with thermal underwear market is the existence of various traps, buy thermal underwear at the time to look at, touch, hearing, trial, selection.

How to choose winter thermal underwear

Cold winter to the face of the market many brands of thermal underwear, how to choose a performance, price, thermal underwear more appropriate concern for many people. In the actual selection process of consumers in the following aspects: a look at fabrics: lingerie fabric inside and outside the good or bad, that affect whether or not the key to comfort. Thermal underwear on the market today can be high, medium and low grade to sub-categories, the use of cotton fabric with 40, 32 cotton, polyester cotton (cotton content of 30% -40%), pure chemical fiber and so on, both inside and outside surface of which are used for more than 40 cotton products are excellent, its softness, fine cleanliness, ventilation and gloss are good, but washing will not play ball fluff, long dress no clothes broken wire, spinning phenomenon. Second, we must listen to the voice: old-fashioned thermal underwear is lined with warmth and Canada in the hot melt layer of thin film (commonly known as PVC plastic film) way to increase wind resistance, but when wearing this product is easy to issue "imperfections" Sound and permeability are affected, there will be "feeling hot" and easy to play static. A new generation of thermal underwear products, the use of new materials, new technology replaced the hot melt film, largely overcome these problems. Purchase just gently shake or hand Qingcuo, listening to see if there is? "Imperfections" can distinguish sound. Third, with feeling: high-quality underwear in the middle insulating layer using the ultra-fine fiber (diameter? 1.2 wire less) weaving, garments both soft and comfortable warmth another good performance, hand kneading, the feeling supple, and no foreign body sensation . Intermediates in order, are more advanced composite technology, clothing surface and the intermediate one feeling, and better wear performance. ? 4 to test flexibility: a new generation of thermal underwear positive health, antibacterial and other multi-function development, more attention to developing ergonomic curves of the contemporary aesthetic of the new product, which is to make a major breakthrough in thermal underwear with good resilience. Underwear in the fabric and the bottom of this compound are added Lycra, lined with a flexible core layer of high polymer, although more expensive than ordinary products, but through the body, personal sense of good, no bloated feeling, the joint activities is also very comfortable. Five to choose the brand: famous production of underwear, from raw material selection, spinning, weaving, dyeing, compounding, sewing factory to test various aspects, processes are subject to strict checks to make products warmth, breathability and antibacterial, flexible, and other indicators are standard. Therefore, consumers buy thermal underwear, first look at the price, but also see features, should pay attention to choose the strength of the brand of excellence, the products of reputable companies to ensure peace of mind after purchase.
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