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Bra is to protect the breast, female breast beautification items, it is generally withheld by the department, strap, adjustment ring, the lower wire bra, stuffing and other components.

Bra feature articles

Some people will bra just as a decoration that can reflect the unique curves of women. In fact, the bra is not only to the United States, more important, the bra has five major benefits:

1, the support and help bra can play the role of breast care, help the blood circulation of the breast, on the maternal speaking, not only can increase the amount of milk, and milk stasis can be obtained to avoid mastitis.

2, nipple bra to protect against scratches and touch the pain.

3, protection of the breast, to prevent sagging.

4, reduce the breast in the movement and vibration when running.

5, drill into the skin and the cold winter to prevent cold.

This shows that the bra's advantages are many and not just to shape the United States. Every woman, from puberty when breasts begin the basic shape, except do not wear while sleeping in bed, should cultivate the habit of daily bra, no matter what season or post-natal breast-feeding, should adhere to every day wear. This not only helps fitness, but also to the maintenance of health and breast. However, choose the size of bra sizes, in line with the chest. In this way, wear comfortable before. Bra too, will not achieve the role of breast care support; too small will breast compression, while uncomfortable, would hinder breast development.

Bra size article

Size Description: Model is bra size bra cup size and the composition of two parts. Commonly referred to as female bust, is the female nipple along the length of a week around the chest. The bra size, refers to women under the bust, that is the root around the breast milk of women along the length of the week. Cup size it refers to the female bust minus the difference under the bust. For example, a female, Bust 85cm, Under bust 70cm, then the cup size is 85cm-70cm = 15cm. Cup usually with a, b, c and other capital letters that each 2.5cm to a, aa minimum of 7.5cm, a to 10cm, b is 12.5cm, c is 15cm, d is 17.5cm, e is 20cm, then up even a special size (see size chart).

Like the case of women who say, Bust 85cm, Under bust 70cm, cup size is 15cm, is c. So she wore the bra fit model to the 70c. As long as the bra is in line with international standards of product identity, are using the same method to distinguish models.

The first step: First of all know the next bust

What is that, of course, weigh. Sagging breasts are breasts should be pushed to its normal position measurement. The label can include: 70,75,80,85,90,95,100,105 carefully you will find all integer multiples of five, correct, allowable error of plus or minus 2.5cm, such as the amount you have to 77cm, then matter of course you should wear the bra 75, 77.5 then? A joke, really a coincidence, then you have to try 75 and 80 are woven.

Step two: determine bra cup ← (bra cup size Description Table)

Cup? ABCD is friends after those figures, some small thing in chest:) Bust difference refers to the amount you are entitled to use less of your chest under the bust of Deshu, allowable error of plus or minus 1.25cm. If your band difference was 13cm, that of course is B Cup.

Step three: add the next cup code = OK Bust example: under your bust measurement is 79, that is 80, your bust measurement is 92 on both the number of subtraction was 13cm, then B cup Bai, put the two together, congratulations, you should wear a bra for the 80B, but now understand it:)

★ Finally, a note is this: Although the lingerie manufacturers are produced according to this standard bra, but because of materials and styles and some other reasons, there are reasons on the cup (such as half full, three-fourths cup ), may be wearing a 75B, you should find some brands of 80B is also quite appropriate in this, I suggest you buy bras at the same time or try them on as before, especially in those few hundred dollars buying brand underwear (although the absolute value for money), and today the information listed just let you know about this knowledge.

Second, determine the text cover the cup. Cup size is less on the chest under the bust of the poor. In general, choose A cup is about 10cm, 12.5cm so choose B cup, 15cm or so select C cup, 17.5cm D cup is about choice, 20cm or so select E cup, 20cm F cup or more choices. The specific calculation of bra size, you can fill in the following table, the next bust size, on-line calculation. Concrete can be found in Table 1 (I): bra sizes that, in various countries have different ways, usually we see the United States, Europe and Japan, the size, in China, said the method commonly used in Japan.
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