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Wedding is a wedding ceremony and wedding reception when the bride was dressed in Western-style clothes, wedding can be one means wearing clothing accessories, can also include the veil, bouquet part. Wedding colors, styles, etc. depending on various factors, including cultural, religious and other fashion trends. Wedding from the West, mainly different from the traditional Chinese red dress coat.

Although the wedding is the existence of the world since ancient times the ceremony, but the bride wore a wedding dress in the history of less than 200 years. Wedding dress should be on the moon shape to 1550 BC 1700 BC Ancient Greek Minoan dynasty of three generations worn by aristocratic women, bare chest, sleeves to the elbow, chest, waist position by the thread in the breast below the lower dressed bell-shaped dress, overall tight fit of the garment. Now the bride wore a white silk dress hem dragged to the ceremony was originally a Catholic service. Since ancient times some European countries are theocratic state system, people get married have to go to church for the priest or pastor's prayer and blessing, this can be considered formal legal marriage, so the ceremony the bride wear white clothes to God, sincere and pure. Western 19th century, when young girls get married there is no uniform worn by the bride dress color specifications, until 1820 years ago, the white gradually become widely used wedding dress color. This is because the British Queen Victoria wore a white wedding elegant wedding. Since then, the white wedding will be a formal wedding dress, now, some people do not understand the origins of wedding, his ingenuity, the bride's wedding dress made of pink or light blue color, to show gorgeous. In fact, according to Western customs, only married women, the wedding can use pink or sky blue and other colors to show differences with the first marriage.

16-century European royal Irish love hunting, in a summer afternoon, the royal family and nobles with their shotguns, riding horses and flocks of Beagle hunting town in the north of Ireland, met up in the river laundry Miss Rose ( Rose.Miss), Richard Earl suddenly was love at first sight, Miss Rose was innocent and elegance captivated the same time, Miss Rose also handsome and tall and straight, Richard Earl, with deep meaning of love. Hunting palace of the count back to sleep at night and in the feudal society was unacceptable circumstances, the courage to put forward the "door properly, households not" on the proposed Rose was born in rural areas marry marry the idea! Royal uproar, and to resolutely defend against royal descent.

As the Count's insistence, in order to count illusions, Royal made a nearly impossible time demands, I hope Miss Rose sewing in a white robe overnight (at that time the habit of not wearing white silk wedding), The requirement is that the length of line, from the Royal Irish church agency witnesses to the Church of the stage door of a white robe. Request, Richard Earl thought of marriage has almost become disillusioned favorite ..... but Miss Rose was not impressed, actually, and the town residents stayed up all night together, sew out before dawn a sophisticated design lines and simple without losing the very breath of the 16-meter Royal gorgeous white robe, white robe when this was sent to Ireland the next day when the royal family, royal members of the doubt and was not deeply moved by emotional extremely high impressed by the design concept, the King and Queen in Ireland and completed under the promise of the sacred fairy-tale wedding .....

This is the origin of the world's first pieces of wedding.

Wedding style changes: the first wedding, the design is not very complicated. Vertical lines of the high waist skirt with pleated sleeves and open collar was low, as if that was a replica of popular clothing styles. Silk and satin fabrics are the main wedding. Later, the wedding style is long and the ankle, before the rate cut skirt with a straight line, after the sites are laden with another piece of mopping the floor of the skirt, when the bride walking in the church when the red carpet, mopping the floor of the skirt also slowly and over the carpet, so the bride has angel-like posture. After the wedding style, tighten the next wide, low neckline was replaced by a dignified and high collar, with a beautiful brocade material and more, collar, cuffs and skirt also laden with a lot of floral. To the late 19th century, becoming soft texture wedding, double crepe and taffeta most brides of all ages.

Early 20th century, began to shorter wedding, but also the functions of both skirts, make the bride a wedding unique dance style. Entered 30's, popular wedding trend of tight, so that the bride is more charming and moving. 40's, wedding simple cut, heart-shaped neckline and long-sleeved gloves become a trend. To 60 years, the length of a shorter wedding dress, some even with the "mini" is not much difference between linen and cotton raw material to the most popular. 70s wedding, showing a deep nostalgia and style on another Hing Long Bottom, multi-pleated, lace several overlapping peaks, highly decorative, with soft flesh-colored fabric-based. 90's, designed to break the traditional wedding swing skirt great switch design, and learned fashion design features. Top part of the bare majority; part of a cheongsam-style dress, miniskirt-style, there is a practical combination wedding, the bride to the church during the day or night, when friends entertain friends and guests mix their own.

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Color choice: pure white wedding dress is not necessarily to require the bride with all the body with a white headdress, began with Queen Victoria era, when white represents happiness, and subsequently strengthened the meaning of holiness and fidelity, leading the women to remarry can not wear a white wedding dress, white dress stood out even more forms of high status.

Style choices: traditional long dress and manner, and the general spread of the skirt like an umbrella, many girls are keen to wear, of course you can wear in the studio taking pictures, but the Registry salute, then it would be inconvenient, too long too Peng's skirt, would look very short and very cumbersome, so the wedding day, should pick a small tent off the ground a little skirt, or long and ankles were cut in the upright A-wedding; As for the legs of confidence also try mini or Ji Xiqun, etc., if it is free and easy hearty character, wearing white pants set highlights the fact that personal style, with a difference.

Other factors: it should be noted that if the church at weddings, not too low cut wedding dress, this is disrespectful to the performance of the clergy, particularly some of the ceremony, new to his knees, and Tanzania chest to the bride knelt before the icons would be too do not respect the church, ironically.
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More then 9999 brands in cbamd.com from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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