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Fur is the use made of animal fur clothing. Often used to make fur animals including rabbits, foxes, rare animals such as mink class is a source of fur.

Since the original period of the human will to get hunting clothes made of animal skins to cover the cold, or to promote their achievements. To a modern, fur became a symbol of wealth one. Because of the fur trade to humans killing many animals are facing in raising animals for taking the skin, raising and killing methods used to make animals suffer great pain, so the fur trade and consumption are also those who are opposed to animal protection.

Fur raw material source

Fox Rabbit Mink Beaver Otter Coyotes Ground squirrel 2 fur

In addition to the other animals, big cats are a source of fur, but in most countries are illegal.

How to buy fur clothing

With the improvement of people's income and the market economy era small profit margins, in the past has been regarded as "a symbol of nobility," the mink clothing, and now also entered the ordinary people.

Is expensive mink fur fabric, made by a mink clothing prices ranging from 3500-50000 yuan, the selection of mink garment is more concerned about consumer issues.

Good quality and inexpensive, low-quality low-cost is a principle of equity, but some unscrupulous business interests, driven from the mink quality, quantity, grade on an issue, so that those low quality of the mink clothing and upscale in appearance is difficult to mink clothing to find significant differences. In some areas, "running group" ("Running Group" is the "bag" and called) the vendors even said: "Loan 1 million yuan purchase, dry winter, to make 1 million net!" This sentence is that I pro- ear heard, and I am very angry! The purpose of this article I write is to use facts to refute the sentence violated the law of shallow economic theory. I have the original skin from mink level, place of origin, the Chinese manufacturers purchase process, processing technology, accessories, and how to identify several aspects of the merits of mink to introduce to you "mystery" of the mink garment.

Mink hides

Mink in animal taxonomy are breast-feeding classes, carnivores, Ferret is a small precious fur animals. In the wild, there are two American mink and European mink. Countries in the world captive mink are the descendants of the United States and Europe, we see mink clothing, 99% of artificial feeding, artificial feeding has the advantage, there is little mink disabled, after the size of the average mink Oshikawa , Bo Hou average, fur distribution, color and small. In addition, public female mink fur mink and there is also considerable among the differences. Large and generous public mink fur coat is a sense of weight, Minks are more soft and light when you wear, the amount more. Mink mink parent body of which a narrow and small, short hair, fine and light hair, fine hair long table glossy, more expensive manufactured goods. As for the public marten, mink that a good mother, a mother mink generally good, but people also need to by purchasing preferences and design choices. Mink about 15 more than the color, of which the most popular are: The sable, brown sable brown, brown sable, brown sable, silver sable, pearl mink, white mink, black Cross mink (hair on the back with a stripe). The size of each mink range of international standards of "number" to represent. 89CM of more than 30 ,83-89CM was 20 ,77-83CM ,71-77CM No. 0 to 1 ,65-71CM to 2 ,59-65CM is 3 ,53-59CM to 4, 47 -53CM to 5. No. 0 or more for the large mink, cm higher the value, hides the greater the higher the price. Now there are 00 leather and leather No. 000, are large hides. Scandinavian mink quality standards are divided into four grades, namely: Crown, Saga, 1 级, Saga weak stomach, a weak stomach, 2 and extrinsic (knot hair type, bite type injury, disease hair type) . Crown level for the Nordic mink which the most advanced, most expensive, sage, and one for our common, Saga weak stomach slightly lower quality, some unscrupulous businessmen, with Saga on the following levels of mink weak stomach, through the process to achieve and sage-class look the same effect and profiteering.

Mink origin

At present, the water supply of raw materials mainly mink four Nordic countries and North America mainly. This is the second to produce the world's mink mink sales accounted for 56% of raw materials; the other 44%, output by the other countries, including sable, sable origin is the only CIS, very expensive, there are Some produced in China (2007 account for 50% of global mink around raw materials) is the world's real mink farming superpower, but the lower grades, poor quality, produced in cold climates other countries, but quality not as good as Europe and the United States are produced.

In 1954, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden fur four Nordic countries formed a joint consultation keeping international market development and expansion of institutions, called the Nordic family of fur, it is to "SAGA" marks the Nordic origin of high-quality fur, only the finest fur of mink or fox, to be accompanied by "SAGA MINK" or "SAGA FOX" label.

The quality of American mink is higher than Northern Europe, the United States is the most famous mink "Legend Mink" and "Legend Mink" in the black mink most popular, and people say the black undercoat. Crown-level best Nordic American mink mink can match.

Purchase process

Each year the four Nordic countries and Germany, the United States mink origin on a regular basis fur auction in a particular place in the international market, the fur trading is different from ordinary goods cash-hand goods, but to mark the opening price, high bidder, who is going to get. Inside the auction, 10 million yuan investment in the right hand below the auction business, generally speaking, small companies are relying on domestic large companies with a way to pay commission to obtain mink, or several small business partners, the funds together to get qualified bidders. After purchase by the international freight shipments to the country. Mink customs tariff is 20%, According to reports, many of mink smuggled goods. Smuggling of goods does not mean that the original skin quality is not good, quality is no problem, mainly in the lower price, if the same two mink clothing at 28-25% of the difference, and brands are the same grade, low-cost basic is smuggling of goods, in 2000, Chinese customs from Tianjin, Shanghai, to find a large number of smuggled goods, Liaoning and Guangdong there are a large number of smuggled goods.


Mink processing technology for the "wearing knife" when buying mink finger in a large flat surface carefully by touch, you can find a one of the edges, which is "wearing knife" technology. "Wearing knife" is "I" carved "llll", is to a wide mink cut into small finger section, and then sutured, the suture especially fine, even smaller than a lot of embroidery, pin, this one is to increase the number of hides is reasonable, but this is not the main purpose; Second, after the garment processing and dynamic sense of the natural vertical, or with the whole mink suture, the effect is difficult to see, easy to fold and do not generate a large number of Posts clothing effect, it is reasonable to do so. In the suture, the suture with special, very fine. Sheared mink: Sheared mink is mink with special craft scissors to cut a long needle, looks like velvet mink lining. This is difficult to distinguish between cashmere mink fur of their Nordic or North American mink, but the large manufacturers of branded products do not have defective products will not shoddy, as the United States to take the Nordic mink fur, and the most There is a possible fake Tong Liaoning Province mink cashmere produced in the second fort, Fort Tong two areas, many small workshop process, they are using hairs short, defective in the cut long needle made of mink.


Mink clothing's lining is very strong, not the kind of bright silk as well. Button zipper should be branded accessories, especially fine work. How to identify strengths and weaknesses mink: mink in choosing when to choose a brand goods, goods south. Dorset, the world is, Parkson, Hualian, New World, ZTE, the United States and the United States and other world class shopping malls, brand names, quality assurance, good service, good reputation, but the price is particularly high, does not face the common people; Franchise second-rate shopping, affordable, good quality, but also played many assorted xxxx store brand, it is difficult to distinguish between intrinsic to its brand. Therefore, to store as much as possible to find heard of the brand, such as "Pliem" "Hands", "First Lady", "Caesar" and so on. The north, some businesses to spend 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong can register a company, then xx xxx province suddenly turned into the Hong Kong Fur Co., Ltd. xxx Fur Co., Ltd., Origin is still the same, such a company can easily distinguish a see store décor, large gold in the store do not ask, is the company's store north; second look at design, northern mink garment manufacturers design capability is extremely poor, do not invest in the design, funding, only the copy blindly Southern big clothing style, and often a poor imitation like a dog, specially designed clothes look and gaudy signs; In addition, the service of such stores are usually members of their families, service backward way, was disgusting. Boutique for the third-rate shopping malls, store appearance is poor, often clustering of sales, brand is more complicated, the lowest grade, pay special attention to this potential buyers; its product price to the public price, said to be 3,500 yuan to buy a women's short Finnish mink.
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More then 9999 brands in cbamd.com from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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