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Invisible Underwear

2004 popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea the latest technology products, characterized by no bound, soft and comfortable, natural, no shoulder strap and back buttons, and different from the traditional bra, invisible bra. A natural dynamic walking, wearing time by adjusting paste method can arbitrarily "strengthening" effect cleavage.

Reporters on the scene who saw him die: Cikuan invisible underwear is a two component silicone film and the anterior cingulate, without shoulder strap and back buckle, silicone cup with the natural mobility of the effect of adhesion in the chest. When asked if when the cup will not sweat off or shift, the lady said absolutely not! She said this high-tech products are used in the specific activity of glue, can be repeatedly used 120 times more cleaning, adhesive nature will weaken.

Invisible Bra Material selection:

◆ If you want a good sense of reality and then select the most pertinent silicone because it is soft, the drawback is the weight of Shen;

◆ If you want a good light and breathable fabrics to choose it, but not as silicone so the skin, if the manufacturer does not matter down version of a good type;

◆ If the conditions or want to buy the best, we recommend that you buy on the market of new silk material out of nano-biological glue + invisible bra, because the silk and the biological glue that have their own ventilation or absorbent function, both of which re-Hop 2 for that ultra-breathable it! Prices generally above 100.

◆ picked the cup there will be no sagging sense, because the thickness of each cup is different to BOBRA silicone bra as an example, A of the thickness of 1.5cm, B of about 1cm, C of about 0.6cm, so Cup the greater the thinner type bra (big cup of wear is the effect of chest paste), so the more light, and therefore there is no C or above can not be used hidden cup bra is said. Due to the relationship between the anterior cingulate, there is still a superior effect of the concentration of oh.

What is invisible underwear? First is invisible on the visual effects. It consists of high quality silicone is made of lightweight materials, colors, close to the skin, so wear light color, even in light summer clothes, not easy to borrow this perspective. Secondly, the design style is invisible. No chest strap invisible underwear and no side and do something with the design for women underwear shoulder strap and side with the bundle, suitable for wearing a backless, strapless evening wear casual clothes and use, especially by professional models and some of the more trendy esteem of women.

The liberation of a group of invisible underwear feeling of freedom loving women and Taitailielie, its internal glue layer has a robust adhesion, its close to the chest, close contact with human skin characteristics, so that the wearer either in the process of vigorous exercise in, or in the evening wearing a close state, the gestures can be freely between.
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More then 9999 brands in cbamd.com from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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