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School uniforms

Uniforms (xiàofú) school provides students with a unified style clothing, primary and secondary general wear. School uniforms first appeared in Japan. At that time, the war led to some difficult family life, school in order to make the students came from such families would not be difficult for their families but are inferior, while those at home and living conditions are not good students in school to show off, then provides each student to school the time required to wear the same clothes. Later this concept was accepted by most schools, have provided students wearing the same clothes to school.

School uniforms, uniforms for students in the school ~! Schools in order to standardize the management of ~ uniform dress code. The uniforms also have a direct impact on the school's image!

Currently China mainly sportswear uniforms, school uniforms only a few Western-style uniforms have been updated. Taiwan, Hong Kong's school uniform is usually sailor suit, uniform or cheongsam.

Besides China, there are many countries in the world are a normal wear school uniform is a physical education uniforms and equipment to participate in school sports or when wearing sportswear, with the corresponding individual countries also have shoes, other countries will also provides footwear. Schools with changing. Gender-specific uniforms have been the focus of controversy, some schools allow female students to choose pants or a skirt.

The role of school uniforms: 1. Uniform can make sense of the difference between the students as the rest of society, which has students in its own binding, has a symbolic meaning.

2. Uniforms can also produce an equal sense of style to avoid comparisons appear in the campus has a positive significance. Jingjing campus, everywhere flaunt Chunchao heat; young laughter filled every corner. The school uniform - is that flying youth the most intuitive and vivid carrier, is the flow of the campus landscape forever. The twenty-first century. Facing the more and more beautiful world, we have reason to expect a flourishing school uniform of the times. Uniform implementation of the quality of the education system played a significant role, therefore, to develop the culture of our country's uniform is imperative.

Chinese mainland

China's sportswear uniforms in China generally primary, middle and high schools are basically sportswear for the uniforms, the color often mostly blue, with a small portion of white or yellow. Part of the summer uniform is a shirt, only a few girls in school uniform is a skirt. Many primary and secondary schools as the school rules must wear school uniform every day, Monday flag-raising as some schools have to wear uniforms when. Many students are still wearing long sleeves in summer, autumn school uniforms, and covering sweaty, recommended wearing short-sleeved summer uniforms and so on. Wearing thin in the winter sports underwear, was shaking with cold, so to increase in school uniform sweaters and other warm clothing. Schools tend to believe that this will help to enhance students sense of belonging.

The university in addition to some special schools (such as the police academy, military, tourism, schools, ... ...), most do not require students to wear school uniforms. Speaking of China, a school uniform, most people will appear out of his mind should be blue, green, white sportswear.

For the current sportswear-style uniforms, some students view is: "both men and women," "fabric is also poor, not warm, winter sweaters inside one plus, swollen like a bear." So they want to "Korean" school uniform, school uniform, but these are often flashy, expensive, difficult to obtain promotion. On the other hand, for many students, love sports, they are more willing to choose convenience and comfort of sportswear-style uniforms. Coupled with low price sportswear, better show features youth, therefore, despite requests from time to time to hear the voice of reform, school uniforms, but often let the matter rest.

Some people say why not design some national characteristics of school uniforms. In fact, all the so-called Korean, Japanese version or Chinese-style uniforms, essentially Western-style clothing. Can not let students come to school dressed in Chinese clothes bar.

Classic sports-style school uniforms in China, Beijing 2005, "two sessions", a report on "Improving the school uniform," the CPPCC proposal was submitted to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, this proposal received considerable attention. Whether school uniforms should be made of what style? How to do it more reasonable operation? This is indeed the education sector, parents and students issues of common concern.

Some private or joint-venture schools have begun to focus on the quality of school uniforms. Some private or joint venture in Beijing, schools, school uniforms, improved the quality of a larger, more harmonious not only with color, style is also more suitable for the age, and pay attention to the adolescent child's gender consciousness. According to the school introduced a school uniform is to ask the designer, some students are involved in providing advice, so the students prefer. These private or joint-venture school uniforms on the operational experience is also useful reference.

Most of modern China, the basic common features sports-style uniforms: simple and clean, cheap, diverse styles, men and women do not usually spring and autumn and three quarters of a General, a summer addition, only a small number of schools can distinguish Chunqiu Zhuang and winter .

Hong Kong

Provisions generally wear white socks black shoes, white socks can not have logo, and black shoes, style should not strictly required.

However, these requirements that every school is different.

Girls: Chinese suit style uniforms school uniform: a white dress, some schools have added Ribbon (more formal schools), and some schools are light blue cheongsam (girls), some schools are like Japanese-style sailor suit (rather poor schools). winter school uniform shirt plus tie some schools, while some schools or increase Bow Dress

Socks: Some schools can wear black socks in winter uniform

Shoes: shoes style provides some not, some provisions, while some schools can wear sneakers to school .. Board Shoes

Hair: Some schools provide for Zhaqi the braids, and some schools can bar a half braids, some schools do not bundle, and some schools need to bundle margin braid

Boys: white shirt Western Canada general school trousers, boys school uniform patterns are not many.


Taiwan high school uniform is designed by the schools, the schools to highlight the style, are carefully designed uniforms, and some students own design. Girls in school uniforms academic style both elegant yet still lively, very worth seeing.

Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule for a long time, so to some extent affected by the impact of Japanese culture in the school uniform styles can only be said to be similar, but the specific school uniform each school is different.

In Taiwan, a total of 471 high schools, all schools have their own suits and uniforms and school uniforms, and took part in with long-sleeved short-sleeved, according to the seasons change into. Sportswear is provided by the situation to change into, for example, school uniforms usually wear suits day, if today there are physical education, sports wear school uniform to wear it today in class or to school to change into, all depends on the schools requirements.

Taiwanese high school vocational school day with the Department of night school students, night school students also wear uniforms to school, some schools in order to distinguish night and day students, school uniform color or style will be designed differently, so a school may have two different uniforms. Taiwan's Ministry of Education does not specifically provide that these uniforms are designed by the schools, schools schools in order to highlight their style uniforms will be very carefully designed, so every school uniforms are all worth visiting ~ Some of them Students design their own uniforms, creative students, for example, every 2-3 years design competition held in school uniform, then all the work the students from the school to vote, the Commission works to give school uniform factory production.


Most secondary schools have a uniform Japanese school uniform, school uniforms for students in Japan not only a sign of the school, but also fashion weathervane. Many female graduates still prefer small groups to go out wearing a school uniform, showing the extent of their love of the uniform.

With the continuous development of Japanese school uniforms students gradually learned in the design of fashion elements, styles became more fashionable. In particular, female students in school uniforms in Japan, through its own charm and the media's great publicity, to wave away a statement at home and abroad. Because it comes under the sailor style uniform, so Japanese female students in school uniforms have a nice name, called "sailor suit."

Japanese school uniform winter and the United Kingdom is similar to Japan in winter temperatures average 5 degrees Celsius, this relatively warm climate to ensure the Japanese female students to the seasons, a skirt and not feel cold or discomfort.

1. Humanities determines the degree of attention the Japanese school uniform

The Japanese attach great importance to unity of knowing about the social identity uniform, they attach great importance in the life of uniform apparel, are also willing heart to do this type of clothing. This cultural background of Japanese students like this generally uniform, details of the individual student uniforms. Japanese school uniform, has become an irreplaceable national cultural component.

Japanese school uniform Chun Qiuzhuang

2. Fashion style design is the advantage of the Japanese school uniform

Japan secondary schools require students to wear uniforms at school, physical education should be replaced to facilitate movement of the gym suit, and some schools require specific stadium in the gym put on shoes.

Japanese school uniform style design success is: masculine handsome boys school uniforms, girls school uniforms creating tranquility amongst lovely, in large part to help establish a healthy Japanese middle school students of gender awareness. Meanwhile, the Japanese school uniform design with a strong sense of the times, to as fashions change, and constantly learn from fashion element to the uniform improvement, this design effectively improve the aesthetic level of the new generation of young people, also in line with students positive modern consciousness.

With the continuous development of Japanese school uniforms students gradually learned in the design of fashion elements, styles became more fashionable. If girls will be accompanied by a unified school uniform sweater or jacket, both winter and summer pants are all knee skirt.
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