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This refers to wool sweater knitwear system, which is generally accepted meaning of the common people, in fact, "sweater" has become synonymous with a class of products that used to refer to "knitted sweater" or "gross knitwear. "

Wool knitwear that is mainly used by wool, cashmere, angora and other animal hair fibers spun into yarn as the main raw material after the woven fabric, such as rabbit sweaters, Shenandoah sweaters, lamb sweater, acrylic dragon spruce and so are the "sweater" big family.

Identification of true and false sweater

Sweater is spring, autumn and winter clothing are very popular, but a lot of fake and shoddy goods, some in wool mixed with acrylic, polypropylene and other chemical fiber, chemical fiber fabrics, some posing as wool, so the purchase should be Note that identification of the true and false, to prevent the wrong purchase.

See the mark

The case of pure wool, pure wool mark should be five content; the case of blended products, wool content should be marked; otherwise, can be considered fake.

Charles texture

True sweater is soft, flexible, feel good, warm and all right; fake sweater texture, elasticity, feel, warm and relatively poor.

Combustion test

Real wool contains a lot of protein, fiber from the trunk and a few clothes on the pumping light, heard about the smell, look at the ashes, where the smell of burnt feathers, ashes broken with finger pressure that is pure wool; If there is no smell of burnt feathers , ashes pressure waves, agglomeration, it is chemical fiber fabrics.

Check static friction

Will be seized on clothes in the friction between cotton shirt about 5 minutes, then quickly away from each other, if not "flap" sound, is true sweater; if "flap" sound, even with a static spark, and was chemical fiber fabrics, is a fake sweater.

Daily Maintenance

Wool clothing for the maintenance, this many people are headaches. After our daily wear wool clothing after some simple care, no deformation can be maintained, as good as new:

Carefully preserved

Empty pockets of clothing and clothing that would otherwise result in a conspicuous or sag. 

Hanging clothes hanger with a suitable wool clothing will be hung in a cool, ventilated place, hung a moment, let it remove wrinkles arise. Choose to support the coat hanger skirt waistband style with shoulder pads to avoid creasing. 

Prevention of wrinkles pure wool or wool blend clothing in a damp bathroom or a night time hang wrinkles will disappear without a trace.

Brush lightly with a clothes brush

Clothing surface

Clothes brush to dust the surface, otherwise the dust will become permanent stains, and dust will affect the appearance of wool fabrics.

 Nursing wet wool

If your wool clothes wet, dry it immediately, but certainly not directly related to heat exposure, such as baking before the fire, on the heater or on a large share of sun on the sun. Unless there washing marked otherwise noted, is not it in your dryer.

Once the dirty clothes immediate 

Small stain with cold water wash, then with a clean cloth to dry it, but do not use paper towels; remove clothing, the smell of the clothing flat on the bed about an hour, remove the clothes smell like cigarettes taste so.

For wool breathing 

Wearing wool next to breathing 24 hours before, try to avoid wearing the same clothes for two days. This will give enough time to restore wool its natural elasticity. Save if you want to wool fabric collection a long time, must first wash well, dry. Any wool fabrics can be folded and stored, and put cedar or moth balls, bags can be hung on the clothes. Do not plug in a small clothing chaotic space.

 moth

Anti-moth-eaten sweater is also important, commonly used method is fumigation, namely the use of the volatile fumigant to kill worms, it needs to be in a sealed container. The main is camphor, naphthalene, dichlorobenzene and so on. Custody of the family generally use this method when the sweater, to achieve the purpose of anti-moth-eaten.

 correct washing method

Read the signs of washing clothes

Differences in the composition of the wool clothing, washing and maintenance of methods, some suitable for hand washing, some suitable for dry cleaning. Standard washing clothes of a way of protecting described, because of the different types of wool but different. Specially treated cloth may also have special advantages.

Identification of common washing at home and abroad

Use the washing liquid temperature below 30 ℃, conventional washing machine can wash, to be careful in the wet

Be very careful that hand washing can not chlorine bleaching

Clothing suitable for all dry cleaning solvents suitable for washing clothes of PCE, chloroform, benzine, and methyl chloroform in the 4 classes dry cleaning solvent washing, the washing process has no special requirements

Said that the clothes into the tumble dryer can be dealt with, said the clothes into the tumble dryer can not be dealt with

Ironing clothes can not dry

Ironing temperature should not exceed 120 ℃ to be mattress, ironing, the temperature should not exceed 120 ℃ 

Sweater wash 

Sweater washing should use neutral detergent or neutral detergent washing. If you use regular laundry detergent is easy with the basic hair fiber damage. Washing temperature to 30 ℃, suitable water temperature is too high once again easy to make sweaters and carpets milling, the water temperature is too low will reduce water quality. 

In the wash, except for those with "super wash" or "machine washable" logo sweater, the sweater should be careful generally to washing by hand, Jiyong serious rubbed by hand or with a washboard, but can not washing machine to wash, otherwise arise between the wool fiber carpet of scale, will greatly reduce the size sweater. Machine wash easily sweater injury disintegration and failure. 

In the sweater before washing generally, the location of the stain more or make a notation made to achieve an idea to the local carry out careful when washing clean, so clean can achieve the purpose, has not come to a damaged sweater. 

Washing sweaters in different colors, generally not the same bath, to prevent contamination between different colors. 

Sweater after washing, apply clear water rinse, rinse until no water and no bubbles up. After rinsing the sweater should be after the soft reduction to water, then put network bag, lifted by drip until the drop of water droplets finished up. And then drying, needle sweater integer equal shares in the plate to dry, or wear a sweater sleeves in bamboo, gently leveled, integer drying. Should Jiyong drying racks. In the drying time, generally should be in low light or cool ventilated place to dry through can be, not in the hot sun exposure to avoid injury sweater. 

For chemical products, because of its greater strength, will not produce milling, therefore, as a general method of washing laundry can be. However, some structure is more loose, or scuffing the surface with terry products, it is best not to use washing machine to wash, or easy to damage the fabric. 

Only wash can be marked to specify the pure wool drying marks or wool blend logo clothing to machine drying. There can be drying washing label, label use of the dryer drying is safe.  After washing and drying after the sweater in general also need iron to restore the original style, easy to wear or custody, sweater sets required before ironing ironing board or plastic, ironing with a steam iron in woolen sweaters suitable 135 ~ 145 ℃ temperature ironing; worsted wool sweater suitable for the use of iron, in the 120 ~ 160 ℃ temperature ironing, ironing a wet sweater on the need to cover the cloth with a wet. 

Sweater wash dry cleaning methods often used

Dry cleaning is the use of petroleum solvents and insoluble in water, PCE and other volatile organic solvents oily, in turn cylinder of the washer, remove the oil-soluble stains on the decontamination method. This method is suitable for a wide anti-sweater deformation is small, not bleeding, but some of the equipment needed to carry out. Sweater fabric for example a dry-cleaning, dry cleaning should be marked on the label. 

 sweater washing recipe non-shrink

Water temperature of 35 degrees, preferably, should be hand washed gently squeeze, avoid hand rub, rub, twist. Do not use the washing machine washing. 

Must use a neutral detergent, when used, generally the ratio of water and detergent 100:3. 

Slowly add cold water when washing, so that the water temperature gradually dropped to room temperature, then rinse. 

After a good washing first hand pressure, the water pressure out, then wrapped with a dry cloth pressure, you can also use the centrifugal force dryer. Note to sweater wrapped with a cloth can be placed after the dewatering machine; not dehydrated for too long, a maximum of dehydration 2 minutes. 

Wash dehydration, ventilation should be spread out to dry sweater on, do not hang drying or exposure, to avoid distortion sweater.

Treatment of common stains

Sweater coat will not pay attention at the time wearing this or that stain, then the effective cleaning is very important, below are some common stains approach. 

When the clothes one is stained, and you are immediately a clean dry cloth cover strong absorption in the dirty areas to absorb the dirt has not been absorbed. 

How to remove specific impurities

Alcoholic beverages (excluding wine) - with a strong absorption of the cloth, touch the place to deal with in order to absorb the excess liquid as possible. Then stick a small amount of sponge to half of the mixture of warm water and half of the medicinal alcohol wipe.

Black coffee - the same amount of white vinegar mixed with alcohol, a piece of cloth soaked and carefully tap the stain, then a strong absorption by dry cloth.

Blood - as soon as the first site of blood on wiping with a damp cloth to absorb excess blood. Gently with undiluted vinegar and wipe off the stain on, and then cold water cleaning.

Butter / grease / sauce - if the grease stained, first with a spoon or knife to clothing surface stripping excess grease, then let's use a cloth soaked in special cleaning agent in dry cleaning, and then gently wipe the dirt. Chocolate / milk, coffee / tea - by using a cloth covered with white spirits, touch around the stain, to deal with black coffee in a way.

Egg / milk - by using the white liquor to cloth lightly stained blot, and then use a cloth covered with white vinegar diluted repeat.

Fruit / juice / wine - with a cloth dipped in alcohol and water mixture (ratio 3:1) stain lightly.

Grass - careful use of soap (soap with a neutral powder or soap), or covered with a cloth lightly medicinal alcohol.

Ink / ballpoint pen - by using a cloth lightly covered with white spirits stain, then use a cloth covered with white vinegar or alcohol repeat.

Lipstick / Cosmetics / shoe polish - with turpentine or white spirits covered with cloth.

Urine - as soon as possible treatment. First liquid with a dry sponge will more than exhaust, add a touch of undiluted vinegar, the last reference to the treatment of blood.

Wax - by using the spoon or knife to clothing surface excess wax stripping, and then covered with blotting paper, iron with medium temperature hot light.

Whole new sweater

Reduce hardening of the sweater, you can use it to wrap a clean white cloth rolled up and put inside the steamer steam 10 minutes, remove and shake a little hard, fluff the fibers, and then carefully pull it into the original appearance and size, flat on the plate or screen back, drying in well ventilated place to dry, can dry restitution.

Wool or wool fabric, the number of extra washing will gradually lose their original luster, if rinsed several times with water, then add a few drops of vinegar in water to float a drift, so that acid-base, wool and wool fabrics will return original luster.

Special maintenance thin wool fabric, wool and other light fabrics such as cool, though easy to wrinkle, but you can use a damp cloth or steam iron ironing ironing.
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More then 9999 brands in cbamd.com from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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