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Trench Coat

Windbreaker is a cover wind, rain, cold long clothes.

The first coat is a function of wind waterproof clothing, the traditional view that the coat originated in 1000 BC in the Nordic. However, when the coat actually tend to aristocratic Kramis shape, and Ancient Chinese not far from some of the cloak, to the true meaning of the coat, is derived from the working people. Ancient coat entirely practical purposes, the fabric is dense with thick fabrics, styles tend to emphasize the functionality, so that the person wearing it against the biting wind and rain both attacks, but also to freedom of movement, to complete a variety of crafts. After the birth of this work in the classic clothing commonly used by foreign armies. In the First World War, the British Army often in rainy weather the hard trench warfare. In order to force the military uniform can adapt to the environment of war, the United Kingdom One cloth merchant, was designed for use waterproof trench coat, that coat foreign regarded as "trench service." Formally adopted by the British in 1918. The original style of this coat is double-breasted front, collar able to open to pass, with belt, shoulder loops, loop sleeves, raglan sleeves, with shoulder patches, in the chest and back are covered with cloth to prevent water infiltration, Hem large, easy activities. Was limited to men wearing this coat, with changing times, evolving and popular among the people, won the ladies love to please and eventually become chasing fashion, enduring, continues today. Although many now windbreaker style, ever changing, but the design is still based on the style trench coat.

Trench Coat - Optional


"One part of" so-called Trench Coat's "One part", refers to the Placket Trench Coat. It is the coat of the face, therefore, must be straight, but also have a break. Experts said that if the buy back windbreaker found Placket have broken, it can confidently exchange of the store.

Zip and copy button

A windbreaker, the number of times a day to wear off not less than 4 times, so whether the quality of the zipper pass a direct impact on the life --- windbreaker windbreaker zipper are generally long, if broken, take it to replace , the general store could not find a suitable zipper. Even with the appropriate length zipper, because the line to open the clothes pin replacement, re-suture, is bound to undermine the overall appearance. So, buy a trench coat, be sure to see, YKK zipper is not a license to use --- YKK is the top zipper brand in the use of YKK zipper windbreaker, quality must be guaranteed. Similarly, in the purchase windbreaker, be sure to try copy button. Can not be too loose nor too tight. Trench Coat Trench Coat in the production of a good brand program, we will send material to the production copy button of the manufacturers, ask them to apply under the fabric to match the copy button, in case did not pass through a few times, pull the cloth was a bad copy button.


A good trench coat, must be waterproof. How to make both soft and waterproof fabrics, own various secret trick. But one thing is certain, in the purchase of coat, you can ask the salesperson to make the water back to the trench coat on, test the water resistance. If the water in the trench coat on a roll, like drops of water fall as a lotus leaf, then you could weather the next rain, only to go out with a windbreaker.


Interlining Placket in the linings, the time of purchase and can not see it, but it's quality, but also determines the windbreaker life. If producers are using inferior linings, washed once or twice, the linings will be split with the placket, making the "One part of" crumpled. This coat, you wear out it? "Passer" of the coat, are used in Germany, "Pauline" linings. How good law, experts say too professional, a time could not understand. However, it was heard in. --- "Pauline" in the provision of fusible interlining before, will require manufacturers to provide fabric samples, because different fabrics for the linings vary.


Although the trench coat style was first emerging from Europe, but the European version of the windbreaker, but not necessarily suitable for Chinese. Take for instance the collar, the neck of Asians generally shorter than Europeans, so wear the European version of the coat collar, the collar may be too long. According to "passer" of the measure, the Chinese men's coat collar to buy, the choice is generally 6 cm high collar. Also note that when selecting the other details are: stand-up collar look to be rounded from the back, over uniform; tried, the sleeve inside the clothes than the 1-2 cm long; shoulder level, put on after the arm to Tai Tai, see to see whether the pressure in the shoulder.
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