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Formerly in the development of the western United States, gold fever during the period of wearing a coat made of canvas. After the publicity and celebrity through the television, the development of a daily wear clothes. The 1970s has swept the world, has become a global setting clothing. The fabric does more with solid production style has been developed to denim jackets, jeans, denim shirt, denim vest, denim vests, skirts, denim children's clothing and various styles. Jeans with its rugged, rough and so popular leisure favorite people of all countries, although its overall style of the relative mode, but the detailed shape and decoration are associated with fashion cycles and rhythms, has been a constant and changes. In fact, the jeans, though composed in the United States, but it is not their first invention jeans, not the most typical cowboy clothing. Then cowboy image is: wearing a Mexican-style wide-brimmed high hat - cowboy hat, wearing a short tight, pockets and more, Jin Shu sleeve denim garments; large square neck bright; and wearing boots - cowboy boots. The most widely circulated today is jeans. Cowboy has been regarded as the year in the Westward Movement "horse hero." They are a group of brave, hardworking, smart, full of pioneering spirit of the workers. The need for labor, jeans to emerge. Its biggest feature is the strong, multi-purpose. Cowboy hat rain during the day can cover the sun, rest can be folded up when the pillow, or thirsty and can also roll up bailing binge drinking: denim garments easy to wear neat, pocket can hold a lot of things; high boots are not afraid of mud contained Road. To travel long distances and working convenience. Characteristics and uses the most up to the cowboy of printing large square. Although today's Cowboys to give up the habit of wearing a large square, but recently a large square or their inseparable necessities. Printing large square is printed on a single background of some colorful small patterns, the most common background is red, blue and black. Large square of cotton and silk materials, sub-two. More cowboy favorite silk. Of the cowboy, the printing is the use of large square too wide. Early in the morning to wash their pond can be used to wipe her face; set when Ma used to blindfold the horse cloth; for the calf branding tag can be used to tying the calf's legs; summer you can block the sun; winter to prevent freezing ; horse running, they can be used to cover the nose and mouth, blocking the dust; drinking water, you can put a large square covered in water, separated and drink, from the filtering effect. Jeans are also taking a large square towels are used for cups and plates, to contact each other when the signal and the injured bandage. They used to always take each into a large square pond clean, and then hold in your hand or on his head, riding on walking, let the wind dry. When the weather hot. They also under wet scarf around the hat Jieshu. Southern Texas, announced in early December Soss Irish river that can help people find a large square cowboy drowned. They drowned in the river cowboy scarf thrown into that square sink where is the place where the bodies. Many cowboy's death, his face is covered with a clean, large square. Buried in the western wilderness. No wonder some people cowboy printing large square banner called the West Range. 50's jeans in the 19th century began to appear in the western United States, it is not the cowboy's pants first, but the invention of clothing for the gold workers. 40 In the late 19th century, discovery of gold in California, the United States set off a gold rush. A Mingjiaoliwei. Strauss's cloth business also came to San Francisco. Soon, he heard that gold-wearing cotton trousers and easily torn, we Jiaokubudie. Strauss had an idea to use thick canvas carry the system out of low rise cut, straight legs, narrow hips of the new pants, gold-greatly welcomed. Because of this rugged pants, wear appears to lean agile, Cowboys win their love, quickly caught on among them, would then become a feature of cowboys clothing. Levi Strauss is also on this fortune, patented in 1871 and set up a "Levi. Strauss Company", now it has become an international company, sales network all over the world.
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More then 9999 brands in cbamd.com from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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