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1. Cheongsam shopping

so many varieties, purchase should be aware of the following two points. Wear according to your needs. Such as the wedding dress (cheongsam) is not only fine texture and color colorful fabrics, full of festive color; welcome dinner dress (cheongsam) should be senior luxurious fabrics, soft colors and generous, modest and elegant appearance; casual wear qipao can be arbitrary, highlight the personality and body type United States, wearing comfortable generous. Cheongsam clothing market, the specifications are based on body mass of body volume system. Since each person has their own special body, the cheongsam is become tight, cohesive and strong clothing, sizes is an important indicator of purchase cheongsam. So, buy cheongsam must accurately measure their own "measurements", that is, chest, waist circumference, hip circumference, and with the cheongsam: "measurements" or slightly more than relative fitness. Then, in the dressing room trying on and watch his "measurements" is fitted comfort, followed by the concept but also the collar, the body piece, sleeve length and not too fat, and so on. Different from the size of the buy cheongsam dresses and other clothing, very strict, otherwise it will lose its style and unique.

cheongsam fabric choice: cheongsam choice of materials is very extensive. Normal daily wear the cheongsam, the summer can choose cotton printing muslin, printed poplin, yarn-dyed poplin, poplin even color, all kinds of yarn, printing horizontal jacquard fabric jacquard cloth and so thin; made short cheongsam, light, cool, beautiful and practical. Spring and autumn can choose synthetic or mixed textile products, such as various flash silk, polyester silk, and a variety of thin fabrics such as tweed. Although these fabrics moisture absorption, ventilation is poor, but look better than cotton and keeps a smooth, gorgeous looking, no hot without cold season wear is appropriate.

protocol or performance wear cheongsam is very rarefied. Summer wear, cheongsam silk crepe de chine fabric should be selected, silk spinning, spinning power, Hang Luo and other real silk. The fabric is soft, lightweight non-stick body, through the cool comfort. Spring and autumn wear, traditional costumes and a variety of satin fabric and wool should be selected categories: such as brocade, satin, Hong Gu, Kim Ok satin, crepe satin, georgette velvet, gold velvet and so on, these advanced systems to do the cheongsam fabric fully performance of the Oriental female body the United States, dotted lines prominent, but remains charming and lovely, luxurious and elegant, if the chest, collar, lapel a little window dressing, more dazzling.

2. cheongsam finishing

now cheongsam worn by most women mostly brocade fabric, brocade and these are not washed, so wear should be very careful, especially should pay attention to being addicted to oil, coke and lipstick, as the most difficult cleaning such substances, even if sent to dry cleaners may not be fully clear, so we recommend:

1, cheongsam not continuous wear for several days. 2, pay attention to sharp objects, to avoid the hole and spinning hook cheongsam.

3, not for the sake of convenience will be sleeves rolled up.

3. cheongsam laundry

If the new wear traditional costumes dirty careless, can block slightly damp cloth shop in the dirt about the iron, so some of the dust on will be attached to the cloth, clean the cheongsam, but also play a role in ironing.

4. cheongsam cheongsam collection

use if you do not wear a coat hanger (The wide kind) to hang up cheongsam, pay attention to the shoulders to support properly. Before the hanging wardrobe, but also remember that put moth supplies.

In addition, silk and wash clothes to Qinhuan, not shelved after take off. Do not wear silk clothes, close, to avoid excessive erosion sweat clothes, make clothes discoloration, deterioration or damage. Do not wear silk clothes in mats, rattan, wood and other materials on rough sleeping, to avoid unnecessary damage and and silk. In addition, the collection of silk garments should be placed Zhang Muxiang so as to prevent insects.


qipao cheongsam wedding wedding is honorable and retro, and generally the old hutong in Beijing, the bride should wear a wedding photographs under the cheongsam wedding! The following key points to look cheongsam style bar features

makeup: eye make more use of Danfeng Yan's painting, characterized by a thick black eye liner depiction, in the end of eye was upturned elongated shape. Lip plump, blush and more oblique on the sweep method used to enhance the three-dimensional face to enhance a woman mature and retro charm. Chinese Liu Yemei curved retro makeup is a major feature, but many of the natural eyebrow make-up artist is also often based on the effect of thick black paint.

makeup colors: colors are more rich and gaudy makeup, to warm-based, multi-lip is a Chinese-style red, to highlight the Chinese-style retro taste! Hair: hair with hair and the hair of Chinese classical disk-based, focusing on the performance of U.S. women of classical elegance. Liu is a vintage Chinese cheongsam wave modeling teaching aids on behalf of features. The bride's shape, the wave of bangs to a wig instead, makeup artist should pay special attention to this true, false hair integration and convergence: A small, good sense of hair, hair accessories like pearl help
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More then 9999 brands in cbamd.com from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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