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Until the early Renaissance in Europe, as the underwear shirt was also seen. If the identity of a man actually the shirt sticking out, it is simply unimaginable. However, the Renaissance keen on the shoulder, chest and arms following the people decorated with lace, to conceal the white linen shirt worn inside it too hard. To 1530, people began to accept the shirt in the neck and wrist revealed the same time, the clothes with a narrow sub-tightening, and that it is fashionable to wear. The late 19th century, completely exposed to shirts worn by the people's approval, this time a high collar shirt and need starch. But by 1917, it was discovered when the wearer in the dress shirt, collar neck pressing on their eyes is not good, after the collar turned, using the wrap tie on to as we now know.

It was the perfume for women than the second dress, a sense of the pursuit of a man is, the shirt is a man of the first layer of skin.

Shirt History:

Looking back, the Roman era, "Sibukula", put it bluntly, it is a man who was wearing underwear, shirts can also be called the most former friends. When Europe first appeared in today's style of dress shirt, the importance of social etiquette of the West not to come forward as a separate clothes to wear. At that time, can be described as a "3" shows is that when a duel between the two Master, a man took off his suit jacket and fitted tuxedo vest, leaving only a white shirt, that is the tease of sexy women scale performed. Shirt, from the English literal reading of it, is indeed the mean with underwear Under Shirt presence, perhaps the eyes of sexy girls wearing white shirts men is the one with the natural taste of the people.

Through a variety of shirt styles and patterns change in the buttons not being used before, men shirt skirt is tie the rope, but this method is also used in cuffs, the man was always good taste to devote some thought to Department of the exposed end of the cuff, it has evolved, people accustomed to revealing suit jacket sleeve shirt. Fancy rope knot cuff already being abducted women. 16 century England also strictly, only the nobles could wear that his breast with pleated shirt design (similar to the wedding in the men's dress shirts), these folds are primarily designed to cover buttons, because then people feel buttons stupid clothes. The eighteenth century, button design was able to see a bright future, revealed in the shirt above. At that time the shirt fabric to make more use of flax, but in order to avoid buttons naked exposed on the outside, it will be the same fabric buttons wrap, commonly known as: package Button Covered Button, knot straps start out clothing or tuck .

Clothing for men and women of the eighteenth century, many people impressed, the man who is a hat, coat, exposing the legs curve in tights and so on, the movie "Fang Fang tulip" the gorgeous costumes of characters that is a model, whether it is color, material, embroidery decoration, tailoring. When we were students, we honestly to the shirt buttons are labeled on each, then see the movie hero signs: take the lead to run ahead of the people, he may be wearing a dress showing large chest; arrested and tortured by people who are still rather die than surrender, and his white shirt and blood on the whip marks. Perhaps you also men wearing shirts with more experience than me and think, but beyond doubt that the shirt of the male is a carrier of the image is too important.
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More then 9999 brands in cbamd.com from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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