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About swimwear

In the water or beach activities and the physical model and beauty pageant display a special clothing when. There is one type and the two sections and three-point type (bikini) and other changes. Close to the original body swimsuit, cover most of the body wrapped in three-point swimsuit points. Early 20th century, men began to wear a swimsuit without shorts with shirt. After World War I, women wore tight pants swimwear popular with the French, the other swimsuit gradually be eliminated. 1935, women began to wear the bra and shorts paired two-piece bathing suit. In 1947, Bikinis popularity, led to a new direction swimsuit. In terms of modern swimwear color, style, material aspects are beyond the past, formed a multi-color, multi-style, high-quality swimsuit new trend. Generally use more contact with water is not sagging, not bulging of textiles made of.

Women wearing two garments, the most likely to lead to the opposite sex attention. One evening, the other is a swimsuit. Indeed, the two garments are the most representative of the performance of female beauty - female gorgeous evening to bring out the feminine side of a cheongsam-style bathing suits, and swimwear are outlined women look fresh and fit.

Buy swimwear

The time of purchase may be touching, or reference materials, ingredients list, to see how the material. Good swimwear fabric soft, flexible, relatively dense fabric lines, exquisite tailoring, sewing with elastic thread, and does not cause line movement snapped. When try to fit comfortably on the principle, much easier to pocket water, increase the body burden and swimming resistance, is easy to physically too small to cause Le Hen, causing poor blood flow. Prices, the spandex material content of 18% or more of the bathing suit is relatively more expensive, mid-range of around 100 yuan, the premium brand price is around 300 yuan.

1, fabric and structure. Choose the best content of more than 15% Spandex fabric, this swimsuit to stretch freely with body movement; swim in the pool, pay attention to material on the pool of water in the adaptation of molecular chlorine content, currently the world's most popular three-dimensional elastic swimsuit made of fabric, the most suitable for swimming in cold water or use. More hollow because the fabric is easy to maintain body temperature. As little as possible to buy or not to buy imitation of the so-called "imported high elasticity spandex fabric." First, spandex fabric content is generally about 15% -20%, and second, imitation fabric as compositional variation, into the water after the elasticity poor.

2, work and security. As the swimsuit is a sport utility-type clothing, strong tensile strength, better not to choose more style stitching. Large amount of exercise is easy to open from the Stitching Line. In the sewing seams, three needle five thread stitch as the basic, three-pin 6 the most solid line. Line elastic and fabric stretch to match this. Beachwear series best to choose a Chouzhe line, so not only beautiful, elastic stretch is also stronger.

3, health, silk cotton swimsuit cover the surface with synthetic fabric is smooth and bright the advantages of using cotton weaving in layers of skin stimulation, especially for those who wear allergy prone skin. Swimsuit crotch lining should have lined swimwear life longer.

4, safety, the natural river, coastal and deep water to swim, to select the color contrast with the large water swimwear, encountered dangerous situations, target the more obvious and easy first aid.

5, figure and color. Chest were too large for wide shoulder straps V-neck swimsuit; chest is too small by as much as possible to avoid strapless swimsuit; chest flat chest with decorative pleated appropriate swimwear; hip excessive short-style swimsuit who may wish to choose; waist the lack of moving curves who assembled swimsuit can make up for deficiencies, after the effects wear very good; legs, stubby shape, to choose high cut legs and lower acute angle-type models; long legs of the lack of symmetry being too small, flat pants swimwear comes as the first choice.

How to choose swimwear for women

For the beauty of women, choose one suited to their body, personality swimsuit is very important. Here are some suggestions for reference only.

(1) piece bathing suits: piece swimsuit is the safest and most classic swimsuit dress, for the shy woman is an excellent choice.

(2) boxer-style swimsuits: for women who do not want to express themselves, boxer swimsuit is more conservative, but its drawback is that make legs look very short, so choose carefully. Boxer swimsuit is also suitable for smaller people to wear thigh.

(3) high waist style swimwear: lower abdomen micro-protrusion of the President, should choose high waist-style bathing suits, preferably with a drill, you can take to put back effect, but also to divert attention, to the effect of modification.

(4) skirt style swimsuit: the buttocks flat ladies, select skirt style swimsuit is very appropriate, not only beautify the hips from the visual line, but also to show the beauty of the leg.

(5) split swimwear: a choice of stylish women, tall women do a good choice.

(6) one-piece style swimsuits large V Collar: If your chest is full, waist hip and very mast, then choose a large one-piece swimsuit V collar, but not too fancy pattern, otherwise it will affect the overall results.

(7) Bikini: we have always thought that a good bikini body to women, in fact, even if you do not have a good figure, as long as the appropriate choice of bikini, but also may conceal subtle body weaknesses, so that you show the charm. (With special attention to style and color)
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