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Jacket, also known as windbreaker or raincoat, outdoor enthusiasts is one of the essential equipment. Whether a family of urban leisure, or ordinary weekend picnic lovers, whether you are doing in the long-distance hiking and mountain climbing, or professional adventure, ice climbing, or even seven or eight kilometers of mountain climbing, one for their "all-weather "Your jacket is an essential choice.

Jacket has become a first choice for all outdoor enthusiasts coat is determined by its all-weather capabilities. The jacket is mainly embodied in the general characteristics of the water. From the design and processing of fabrics for the jacket are generally "PU coating + waterproof adhesive joints," the. PU waterproof coating that is attached to the clothes inside surface of this layer waterproof fabric coating (PU PU) treatment, coating thickness varies according to need. This waterproof coating is widely used in defense, automotive, construction, furniture, and even condoms should be used on waterproof coating, and even the fire hose lining has a PU PU coating. Practice has proved that good PU coating is not leaking. As for the adhesive, mainly for clothes pins and seams of the PU coating easily damaged, water seepage made special adhesive processing, generally is a professional adhesive machines and adhesive shall be at the seams high temperature adhesive, sealing all seams further prevent water leakage, water seepage occurs. The disadvantage is the clothing of breathable, windproof poor performance.

The so-called professional waterproofing means no matter where you are sitting in the wet, or walking in the wind and rain jacket in the environment, can effectively block the invasion of rain and frost, so that water can not penetrate the clothing inside to make you feel wet and cold ; the so-called ventilation, when a large amount of exercise you carry out an outdoor campaign is the body's natural sweat, skin moisture exhaled a large number of, if not immediately sent the body, will lead to the sweat trapped in between the body and clothing, it is very wet In rainy weather, will people feel more wet, cold. Especially in the mountains, valleys and other cold conditions, cold and loss of body temperature is very dangerous, so good ventilation garment is very important.

The so-called wind, is 100% prevention of air cooling effect. In the changing environment, when the cold wind penetrated our clothes, our body will get rid of a layer of warm air near the skin, this layer of warm air of about one centimeter thick, the temperature at 34 degrees -35 degrees, humidity at 40 % -60%, respectively. This layer of warm air occur even if a little small change, but also makes us feel cold and uncomfortable. When the cold wind blowing clothes, damaged layer of warm air that led to the rapid loss of heat, the temperature drops, we will immediately feel the slightest chill, this is the so-called cooling effect.

Buying Guide

True and false identification

Referred to the "real thing", refers only to the stores by authorized manufacturers, distributors or retailers sell products such as channels, can enjoy the service provided by the manufacturer. Through other informal channels to buy the product, in this article, known as "fake."

International professional brand quality, service has to protect, that is the price too high for most people. The only way to buy these products are all brand stores. If you intend to total investment in outdoor equipment, more than 30,000, or those ready to board the snow (except for older girls) for purchase of such products. High quality non-professional non-international brand. High-end products of such brands, the use of the production line, raw materials are guaranteed; but a huge marketing and sales costs, pricing is very high, so called a high quality high. Non-professional is the type of products specially designed for the outdoor environment as a truly international brand to do a good professional. Non-international brand is not such brand was the most developed European and American outdoor market acceptance, only in still in the initial phase of the bread where the domestic market of outdoor sports. In addition, these low-end brand products are low quality at high prices of basic, no options value. Growing a professional brand. Generally established by the outdoor sports enthusiast brand, positioning taking into account the needs of the domestic outdoor market, and growing views based on user feedback to improve products. But because of cost control, design experience factors, the production process, materials, integrated performance, not as the above two categories.

Fabric selection

Jacket fabric outside the protection of the most common sub-layer, middle layer of waterproof and breathable lining.

Protective layer and the waterproof breathable layer is pressed together, and in material and their separation, usually nylon silk, mesh cloth or some absorbent material, mostly black. Department of adhesive suture material shall be in block, can not see (except through the mesh cloth). Three fabrics: the protection layer, waterproof breathable layer and lining are pressed together, and looks like a layer of fabric, color and more generally for the silver lining. You can see the seams on the adhesive lining article. In general the second floor of breathable fabric and warm and slightly better than three, but three fabrics, light weight, wear comfortable (the second floor a bit useless), folding small size (spring, summer and autumn jacket most of the time on the bag). So unless one is considering the use of winter or snow on the general election three layers of fabric is better.

Style Select

These are the different types of jacket can be understood as mountaineering section, outdoor section, paragraph rain

Mountaineering section: style is relatively simple, especially when taking into account the requirements of a number of mountaineering. Such as conjoined hat - wind better; below the waist, no pocket - easy wearing seat belts. The premise of ensuring the strength, minimize weight. - If outdoor play more of fever, the proposed election of this.

Outdoor models: suitable for a variety of types of activities, style complex, features and more (basically soliciting more) than the heavy mountain section.

Rain models: the simplest pattern, the weight of the lightest and the thinnest fabrics, the cheapest price, breathable worst! - If outdoor play is not a fever, do not want to invest too much, it is recommended this election. Usually the best road in a backpack (airtight, put on boring), then put on in case it rains (boring points stronger than wet).

Waterproof breathable options

If you do a general waterproof material, often airtight, such as plastic, rubber, etc.; and breathe better materials, such as cotton products, they can not waterproof. Production of the material while taking into account the jacket waterproof and breathable performance, but the price is both waterproof and breathable performance are limited, we do not have high expectations. Generally how much time climbing in a row will feel nausea, the continuous rain, some of which are always wet.

Waterproof: jacket's fabric is breathable to ensure that the basis of some water-proof as possible, but far better than waterproof plastic, rubber and other materials.

Ventilation: steam method, pour in cup of hot water, the jacket's fabric kept in the cup, the fabric can also be further pressure on a piece of glass, if we heat through the fabric coming out, or a glass of water vapor condensation, it shows that the material is breathable. But note that the permeability of different materials are different, a high bottom line beyond which the above experiment only qualitative evidence is not completely airtight, but the permeability of the good or bad, or do not know.
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More then 9999 brands in cbamd.com from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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