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Space suit is to protect the lives of astronauts working capacity of the individual activities and closed equipment. To the vacuum of space protection, high temperature, solar radiation and micro-environmental factors such as meteor harm the human body. In a vacuum environment, the human body will become a gas containing nitrogen, so that volume expansion. If people do not wear gas-tight space suit pressure, the pressure difference will be due to the poor and in vivo occurrence of life-threatening.

Spacesuit is airtight suits in the pilot developed on the basis of multi-functional clothing. Early spacesuits for the astronauts can only be used within the spacecraft cabin, developed after the extravehicular spacesuit external use. Modern new extravehicular spacesuit has liquid cooling with a cooling structure for lunar extravehicular activities, or inspected.

Function into the cabin space suit used by emergency services and the extravehicular space suit with a space. Cabin space to take a leak in the spacecraft cabin pressure suddenly decreases, the astronauts time to put on it, connected to oxygen tank ancillary, gas supply system, clothing immediately within a pressurized air supply, and can provide certain temperature protection and communication functions, so that astronauts in the spacecraft failure to return safely. Spacecraft orbit, the astronauts wear space suits are generally not.

The structure of space suit

To protect astronauts during space flight safety of personal protective and survival equipment, clothing or space suit known as the universe. Spacesuits astronauts could form suitable for human living micro-climate. It is divided into six layers in the structure:

① underwear Comfort level: the astronauts during their flight in the long term can not change clothes washing, a lot of sebum, sweat and so will pollute the underwear, so use a soft texture, moisture absorption and ventilation systems do a good cotton knitwear.

② warm layer: changes in the ambient temperature range is not the case, the thermal layer to maintain a comfortable temperature environment. Heat retaining good thermal resistance large, soft, light weight materials such as synthetic fiber rug, wool and silk and so on.

③ ventilation services and water services (LCG): in astronaut case of excessive body heat, ventilation, clothing and water services in different ways to dissipate. If the body heat production in more than 350 kcal / hour (as in extravehicular activities), ventilation service will not be able to meet the cooling requirements, then that is cool by the water service. Air services and water services to use more compression, durable, soft plastic control into, such as PVC pipe or nylon film.

④ airtight layer limit: in a vacuum environment, only to keep the astronauts around the body when a certain pressure to ensure the safety of astronauts. Therefore, good sealing layer airtight neoprene coated nylon cloth and other materials. Limit layer selected, high strength, low elongation fabric, usually made with a polyester fabric. After the events difficult because pressure, all joints using a variety of structural forms: such as the form of mesh fabric, corrugated tube, orange valve blocks, with airtight bearing rotating structure to improve its activity.

⑤ insulation: astronauts in extravehicular activities, the insulation layer from the hot or cold protection. It uses multi-layer polyimide film of aluminum or polyester film and sandwiched between layers with non-woven fabric.

⑥ Housing Guard: is the outermost layer of the suit to require fire protection, thermal radiation and anti-space factors (micro-meteoroids, cosmic rays, etc.) on the human body. This layer is for the most part made of aluminized fabric.

There are matching with the spacesuit helmet, gloves, boots and so on.

Spacesuit, also known universe clothing, spacesuits, in manned space flight in astronauts wear a garment system. In fact, it is necessary personal protective astronaut life-saving equipment. From the functional point of view, there is the cabin space suit space suit and extravehicular spacesuit two; internal pressure from the clothing perspective, a low-voltage high-pressure space suit and space suit to the other; from structural point of view, can be divided into soft, combination of hard and soft and hard spacesuits.
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