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Pantyhose pantyhose stockings known, tights, socks or stockings pants five bone is tight package body from the waist to the feet of clothing, most of pantyhose designed specifically for women. In the U.S., pantyhose means a combination of shorts and stockings (pantyhose = panty + hose), which is usually not wear other underwear. In the UK, it is called tights.

Although the direct popular among young girls naked legs, but may need to wear suits in public places, socks are still necessary. Some school uniform socks often required to wear a specified (and some pantyhose or tights) as part of school uniforms. Girls fairly frequently in the cooler weather will wear cotton, wool or cotton blends used pantyhose for warmth. In addition, women wearing thin and transparent in line with the color pantyhose can enhance the perception of the legs, so legs look smooth and shiny; and dark pantyhose legs to create a good shape, so the legs look slim. Pantyhose also has practical value, it can be maintained in cold weather warm human body, or even people can also show your legs in the winter lines. To join the pantyhose spandex or Lycra can promote the blood circulation of the legs.

Buy pantyhose, you need to pay attention to the value of packaging DEN, DEN is the denier unit of weight per 9000 meters how many grams of fiber number is said to DEN, the general 40-60DEN for the Spring and Autumn socks, 60DEN more socks for the winter. Packaging will be marked Ming Laika the general content of the high Lycra content, in theory, the flexibility and elasticity of socks, color and superior air permeability will be. In addition, we must pay attention when the election Size pantyhose. Height 165 cm below the President, the total length of pantyhose should be not less than 80 centimeters; 165 ~ 175 cm tall woman, pantyhose should not be less than the total length of 85 cm; more than 175 cm tall woman, pantyhose total length should be not less than 90 cm, or tension is too great, affecting its rigidity. Finally, note that product instructions, pantyhose fiber content to 80% with 85% nylon, spandex 15% ~ 20% as well, so both good tensile elasticity, but also better bursting strength.

Pantyhose and Health

Pantyhose is the shorts and stockings together, the two can not be separated, so when women wear pantyhose which do not wear the pants a little, because of its good elasticity, will feel very comfortable to wear, so Pantyhose are a lot of ladies. Pantyhose wearing cool in spring and autumn is more comfortable, more suitable for summer wear pantyhose. Breathability perspire all over.

1. Modified legs

Leg of some small flaws and defects can be covered by stockings, while the submissive stockings, smooth beauty can also be enhanced legs, wear stockings to give a solemn, beautiful, elegant feel. So, female employees in many industries is to wear stockings in the work of.

2. Sun

Summer out, sun is everyone concerned about, if you do not take protective measures, sticking out of the face, arms, legs, sun tan sunburn easily, so a lot of people before going out to smear sunscreen skin care products (such as sunscreen, etc.). To know that sunscreen is a chemical product, more or less on the body have a certain effect. If you wear a pair of stockings in the legs, can greatly reduce the sun according to the strength of the leg, played
3. To prevent varicose veins

Who is stood upright, as the Earth's gravitational pull, leg venous pressure is much greater than other parts of the body, so many people prone to varicose veins leg phenomenon. Artificially impose some external force to the leg, you can prevent or reduce varicose veins legs phenomenon. Wear stockings can play this role.

4. To prevent edema

Long-standing work of the people involved, such as: hotels, hotel greeter, waiter, waiter shopping center, guard of soldiers; long fly people and so long as the legs at a lower position, prone to edema. Wear stockings is equivalent to the leg from the outside leg to exert some pressure, you can greatly reduce the leg edema.

5. Cold warmth

When the weather is cold, do not want to wear thick clothes, then choose a pair of stockings to wear the appropriate thickness in the legs (of course, can also wear the trousers in stockings), so that can be cold warm, and also avoid the legs are too bloated.

6. To prevent sweat pants sticky body

Summer wear trousers, when the leg sweat pants will stick to the legs, skin and pants leg increase friction between, for action on behalf of the to greatly inconvenience. If you wear a pair of trousers in ultra-thin smooth stockings, the situation is quite different (stockings to choose strong permeability). Then you will feel, regardless of whether the leg sweat pants with the leg skin will always stick together, what you do will not be affected. Need to explain that in the trousers wear thin stockings and direct in the pants, the feeling of heat is basically the same.

7. A long time in air-conditioned indoor work, should wear stockings

Summer clothes are often little time in air-conditioned indoor work, will find some cool, over time, susceptible to arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases. In the two-leg wear stockings, you can reduce the occurrence of the phenomenon.
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