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Diving suit

1. Dry suit: wearing a dry suit, the body of water cut off completely, according to water temperature can be seen in improvement of thermal insulation inside the sweater. Must be trained before they can use the cold zone for diving.

Dry suit diving suit for the most commonly used by the foam material made of synthetic rubber, the general thickness from 3mm to 10mm, the infiltration of cold water was cut off will not penetrate clothes off and quickly by the body heat gets hot, that the bubble of isolation of non-activity to prevent body heat loss, the potential fit wet clothing, can the flow of water inside and outside the exchange to reduce as much as possible, isolation better.

Diving suit most important function is to prevent body temperature loss when diving too fast, resulting in loss of temperature. Followed by a diving suit can also protect the body being cut rocks and jellyfish, sea anemones and other biological damage.

Followed by a diving suit must be fit, diving suit and the body outside the exchange between the seawater and less diving warm clothing the better. The most common wet suit fabric with nylon cloth and Lai card two, the center where the two fabrics are foam rubber, cloth, so as long as the thickness of the same two fabrics are made of wet suit warm effect are the same.

The difference between the two fabrics in the table cloth, a kind of nylon cloth, one is Lai card. Lai card line in the unit area of more and more closely knit, the more wear. In addition, the flexibility of better Lai card, so Lai card comparison made of wet suit will not be deformed.

Overall, Lai card for diving suit life of nylon fabric than the length of the diving suit. In addition, an independent functional considerations, the current market Lycra fabric colors can be selected more, so If you want to shine bright in the water, as one of the best male and female, Lycra fabric will be the better choice. The Nylon fabric is also available in the market place, mainly because of its relatively low price.

2. Wetsuits: This diving suit from the foam rubber or nylon cloth production, personal wear. Wet diving suit must fit affixed to the skin, enter the small amount of water in the diving suit and the skin was not between the flow state to maintain body temperature.

In the cold water, dry diving suits for use is more common, of course, they are more expensive wet diving suit, style and more to a style. At least three materials for the dry diving suit, foam synthetic rubber, synthetic rubber and nylon. Dry diving suit is much higher than the wet diving suit, because there may be specific to waterproof zippers and other accessories, such as stem submersible pneumatic exhaust device (because the air must be injected and discharged dry diving suit to maintain neutral balance So dry diving suit with a pipeline from the regulator in the first-class interface to receive pressure inflatable dry diving suit). Use dry diving suit to go through special training, to learn how to control and use of inflatable №. Dry diving suit maintenance and repair method is dry wetsuit after diving to soak water and avoid sun exposure, preferably stored in ventilated and cool place. Zipper to the regular lubrication, not cause long-term collapse in order to prevent foam rubber resulted in the failure to restore the folds.

[Select key diving suit]

Diving suit can not only play a role in warm, but also to protect divers from coral or harmful animals, damage to the plant. Typically, the water temperature at 20 degrees from time to wear incubation; less than 20 degrees to wear wetsuits; water temperature of 10 degrees below the potential need to wear dry clothes.

Diving suit is closed porous synthetic rubber and two layers in thickness ranging from the 1MM-6MM, there are a variety of colors to choose from, suitable for different regions, latitude, season the water temperature.

Select diving suit, the most important thing is fit, not fit for diving suit not only fail to achieve the effect of cold, diving will pocket water, affecting the action.
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