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Pajamas has become a symbol of Western life. Talking about the origin of the word, you may be stunned, because of this "foreign taste," what was actually a tunnel full of foreign words. Paejama from the original Hindi word, which by the Persian and in the pai jamah combination of two words. pai said in Persian, "leg", while jamah that "clothes." pajamas itself is the leg of clothing - pants. This is a kind of Middle East and the Indians go out wearing loose pants, but their ingenuity and European settlers gave it a new role - pajamas. At first, no pajamas, pajama trousers later spread to Europe, the cold, people invented pajamas.

Pajamas pajamas culture has been used as domestic clothing, wear it people relaxed. Furthermore, it was like wearing pajamas in the street Huang, might feel that people are not dressing ritual. But recently seen Several Newly news, so me to redefine the role of pajamas.

South Korean companies have a home underwear once a month for "pajamas Day", after all the employees to reach the company should pajamas to work, it is said that we can stimulate creative inspiration.

A lot of freelance for the home office, so there is a culture of pajamas.

While wearing pajamas can pull close, but in the workplace always feel strange. If there is a business casual-like, business pajamas, bring it home to be a distinction might be better pajamas. Chief feels pajamas are the same as their privacy. people have their own space. If you are wearing pajamas to work, that person also has its own private space? who once dressed in pajamas at home since there will not be far away from the workplace to relax the feeling.

How do I choose silk pajamas

Handle visual method:

(1) visual method, soft silk luster, light soft, drape sense. The chemical fiber fabric sheen not soft, bright and dazzling.

(2) slender and long silk fiber, cotton fiber is short, curly wool. Fibers was uniform.

(3) Hand Method: silk soft, smooth and comfortable and close to the skin. Place will fold, and therefore, "no wrinkle is not silk," the statement. Combustion:

(1) silk feathers burning smell when burned, is difficult to continue burning, will be self-extinguishing. Ash fragile, brittle, fluffy, black.

(2) Rayon (viscose fiber) mixed with burning chemical smell when burning paper. Continued burning fast. In addition to no light except the ashes no dust, a small amount of gray between the black ash.

(3) Cotton Lun, a very weak combustion polyester sweet, not directly continued burning or continue burning slowly, ashes hard round, pearl-like.

(4) cotton and hemp are the taste of burning paper, ashes soft, dark gray.

(5) Wool and silk almost burning. Can be seen both visually different.

With more updated material pajamas, pajamas the birth of a new fiber injected new vitality. Pink baby pajamas in the choice of material each quarter, both to grasp the popular trend, designed to make your love the product. But the good pajamas must be carefully maintained to extend its wear life.

Benefits to wear pajamas to bed

Conducive to sleep. Pajamas soft texture, comfortable, not only conducive to sleep, but also conducive to sleep.

Can prevent many diseases. In sleep, the pores open, vulnerable to cold, such as cold and sleep on the post-cold-related; in old age is also common Frozen shoulder catch cold with sleep-related; coronary artery disease susceptible to stimulation by cold heart colic and other symptoms. Which can effectively resist wear pajamas to sleep after the cold.

About health. People working, living, learning exchanges, certainly with the bacteria. The wear pajamas to bed you can solve the problem of cross-infection. Frail elderly bedridden for a long time, unavoidably a mattress measles, if not step up treatment, but also the further development of a bedsore. Bedsore intolerable itching, scratch is not easy, after healing, may cause skin and soft tissue ulceration and necrosis, many elderly people miserable.

Wearing silk pajamas to bed a lot of advantages

Generally, pressure ulcers is pressure out. The elderly can help his family, to take ground turning, handling massage, scrub ground, ground consolidation, handling change and other measures, to avoid prolonged pressure of local organizations. In addition, the elderly often wear silk pajamas, you can control to some extent bedsores.

Traditional view: silk nature, spicy, non-toxic. Not only with the texture of silk pajamas made of smooth, soft and comfortable, but also are easy to dry, moisture absorption, good heat dissipation characteristics of epidermal cells could enhance the vitality of the body, promote cell metabolism, subtle on the skin to produce a massage effect to reduce the breeding of microorganisms on the skin the opportunity to have a special human health effects. Bedridden elderly long-term wear silk pajamas, and to alleviate the students "mattress rash" and appeared significantly inhibited itching skin is a kind of cloth can not be any other ratio.

It is noteworthy that most of the current market pajamas made from chemical fiber materials, wear old, and already feel dry and itchy skin more easily, it will increase the mattress rash, itching condition of pressure sores. Therefore, the purchase of silk pajamas, be sure to choose genuine.
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