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Uniforms, also known as uniform groups, by definition, refers to the group dress uniform, with force, constraint, unification of Italy!

Uniform is the same group of people who wear clothes, to identify different groups engaged in various occupations or members, such as students, military, doctors, nurses and police officers and other professional people who often wear uniforms.

In early human civilization, like religion, the clergy has begun to wear from the system to show their identity, until now, some religions (like Buddhism and Catholic) clergy still wear a special clothing to identify themselves.

Some occupations have a conventional uniform uniform style, such as navy, chef, pilot's uniforms.

Uniform as the word also has another layer of meaning, meaning is strongly suppressed so tame. Is to mean a person Qin Zhu. Also be subdued.

Uniform image of the enterprise for the enterprise unified staff dress custom clothing, business wear is uniform in one, the demand for work, combined with professional features custom-made clothing color choices, uniform dress for the business units gradually attention.

Wear characteristics according to the industry can be divided into four categories: professional clothing, career uniforms, work clothes and protective clothing, is the financial mark, style, practicality and scientific in one, with the industry characteristics and occupational characteristics, can reflect the identity of team spirit and dress culture of clothing.

With the rapid socio-economic development of China's textile and garment industry has gradually increased, wear industry has emerged in the development of a thriving scene.

Professional clothing is now mainly known as "white collar" and some government departments, dress, only that the "clothing", the name suggests, its design preference and personalized fashion, wearing a staff norms, clean, beautiful, unified by the enterprise outstanding cultural unity, organized, standardized system of communication, can fully display the image of their company or on behalf of a culture, the formation of identity both inside and outside, to increase internal cohesion, so that companies or departments with more competitive and public trust degree.

Professional clothing generally in the clothing material and production process, with the match wearing the object have higher requirements, the performance of the simple smooth shape, cultivating generosity, but do not stress wear special functional requirements.

Professional uniform wear for the public the most well-known, wide range of applications. Including: commercial; law enforcement administration and security; public utilities and non-profit.

For professional uniforms, the first landmark should be emphasized that with unity, followed by functionality. Signs and unity reflected in the industry requirements, different industries have different needs, can clearly reflect the characteristics of the uniform industry, such as taxation, customs, etc., with distinct signs of uniforms, first of all to bring the public the beauty of harmony, not only increase their sense of authority, but also reflects the affinity.

Function is mainly reflected in the types of needs and feelings of the wearer. Reasonable wear design and materials used, not only can play a protective role in enhancing security, but also make the wearer feel comfortable and to improve efficiency.

Wide range of tooling used, the focus should consider the functionality, security, supplemented by practical and symbolic. The general scope of work clothes, including first-line production workers and outdoor operating personnel, its functional requirements of work clothing is very high. If the oil workers in field operations, not only to adapt their clothes in a desert environment, the visual prominence, but also has anti-oil, water, cold, dust, fire and chemical attack, and other special effects.

Protective clothing is improved based on tooling requirements from an application of special clothing, and its function in general based on the tooling, with particular emphasis on its protective role, which is mainly based on the security needs of the special working environment. In addition to clothing, but also includes footwear, helmets and all kinds of plug-in capabilities and equipment, the above-mentioned "medical gloves," strictly speaking, belongs to a class of protective clothing.

In general, wear clothing industry as an important one, more and more by the society, its application in the industry are increasingly being used on, this is a social competition and aesthetic awareness of people's lives, promote self- one that represents a silent language
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More then 9999 brands in cbamd.com from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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