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T shirt

T Xu (T-Shirt) Shirt: Pronunciation: xù

T-shirts in spring and summer clothes, one of the most popular option, especially in hot weather, heat unbearable height of summer, T-shirts with its natural, comfortable, chic without losing the advantages of a sense of solemnity gradually replace old men wear a vest or T-shirt plus a one piece short-sleeved shirt or sweater pattern in Hong Kong in social occasions, become willing to wear seasonal clothing. Has become the world's people of all ages love wearing the stylish are loaded. Reportedly the world's annual sales have been as high as several one billion, and constitute the world's most popular jeans, wearing the largest number of apparel.


T-shirts also known as T-shirt, first underwear, in fact half-open collar shirt lapel, was later developed to coat, including the T shirt T-shirts and T shirt shirt two series. With regard to the origins of the name T-shirts have been different opinions, one saying the Olympic T shirt is a 17th-century Annapolis, Maryland in the United States of dock workers unloading tea wearing this short-sleeved clothing, it is the "Tea" (tea) abbreviated as "T", such as T-Shirt shirt or T-shirts; The second argument is in the 17th century, British sailors ordered to be added in the short-sleeved vest with masking armpits to avoid unsightly; there is a saying is constituted by the sleeve and the upper "T" shape, that is, its clothing for the T-shaped suture collar, so named. In 1913, the United States Navy sailor uniform, within the provisions of short-sleeved white T-shirts to wear crew neck, one of the reasons was to shelter the sailors of the thick chest hair.

T-shirts of materials used is very wide, generally cotton, hemp, wool, silk, chemical fiber and blended fabrics, especially cotton, hemp, or hemp cotton blend better with a breathable, soft, comfortable, cool , Sweat-absorbent, heat dissipation and so on. T-shirts often as knitwear, but because of consumer demand is constantly changing, increasingly designed renovation, so as to produce woven fabric T-shirts also have available as T-shirts in the new member of the family. Such T-shirts often use rib or rib collar sleeves, rib edge clothing, and decorated with embroidery, trademarks, not only embodies the clothing designer's originality, but also to make T-shirts unique, adding to the garment beauty. T-shirts in woven fabrics, the preferred number has to be thin, soft, smooth features such as real silk, patch wearing special comfort. Use of artificial silk or polyester silk washed silk production of nylon T-shirts, as complemented by mosaic technique, so that adds a special style T-shirts and artistic flavor, well received by young men and women in love. In addition, by the artificial silk interwoven with rayon Fuchunfang, specially treated peach terylene artificial silk, warp wash silk, spun silk silk T-shirts are the ideal choice of fabric, inexpensive cotton fabrics have become the darling of T-shirt fabric. It has dressed a natural, easy, and Sweat-absorbent, breathable, non-allergic reaction to the skin, wearing comfort and features, in the largest proportion of T-shirts to meet the people return to basics, advocating a natural psychological requirements.

As T-shirts that people can be worn on various occasions, clothing, style also changed slightly, such as T-shirts to make the appropriate decoration, you can add infinite charm. With the signature in the light-colored, oily T-shirt in English letters or Chinese phonetic alphabet written on their own or the name of their idols, but also painting a few strokes of the stick figure is simple and full of fun, elegance and chic look. Colored yarn can be used also in the T-shirt pick two spots on the sleeves of small Saika, or simple geometric shapes, do not seem to have fun. It can also be two very different color T-shirt vertical cut in half, and then swap Welds together, can form a special style. To wear an old T-shirts are no longer under the cut along the circle can be used for ribbon to use, elegant young women in the head, and more seem lovely and lively, full of romantic mood. Through these processing production, will enable T-shirts to add infinite charm.


T-shirt is the "T-shirt" a transliteration of the name, retaining the English initials "T". Because the word sounds in the English half-breed is not so exotic. Perhaps because the T shirt too deeply infiltrated people's daily lives, for the common things people often easy to overlook, gently reminding one, then surprised to discover the original simply hidden in the side of the story was actually inside an object so interesting interesting.

1. Romantic

the first ray of spring and summer, when the fancy T-shirts like clouds drifting across the street, who would like to come, T Xu initially was originally a dry heavy manual labor of the workers wear underwear. In general, men's T shirt a bit like a woman who is now the bra is not easily exposed, but when it is equipped with a sleeveless overalls coveralls to wear only when exposed some of its true face, in the 20th century, apparel company's product catalog is just a T shirt to sell underwear. To 1930, although the image as the underwear is not much change occurred, but apparently people have started trying to revive T shirt to wear on the outside, this is what people have heard of "sailor shirt," the sailors wearing a T shirt to the sea voyage, blue sea and clear sky for its first breath of romantic color smear.

2. Idol opportunity

When this does inconspicuous collarless short-sleeved knit shirt, a big star one day and Marlon Brando appeared on screen together, the excitement of the fans Dungan surprised, December 3, 1974 "A Streetcar Named Desire" premiered in New York. The heart is not only attractive Marlon Brando was slightly rough manhood and laugh nasty in the eyes, as well as those pieces of plain white T-shirt, a theatrical director Ele Ka Cien tricky and unpredictable and do not have None proudly revealed that the image of Brando's T shirt was not pre-designed and completely De Zhiyu an accident. Among the original only because Brando wore it to a rehearsal by chance ... ...
with the 1951 "A Streetcar Named Desire," screened across the United States, Brando's image of a white T shirt has become the whole country with the same name, soft and considerate T-shirts to men, the United States from the stiff, monotonous, conformist dress in the traditional upper-class taste freed masculine stature is also displayed in the vision of blind panic is also among the nation and the world for a time as the copies.

3. Rebellious hero

20 century and 50 years were with the American culture, Hollywood movies into a golden age of the world, contributed to a creeping wave of international spread of T shirt. T-shirt and jeans, a black leather jacket and jointly build up a deep influence the younger generation of rebellious hero image, representing the traditional manners, upper-class taste and discard the extreme contempt.詹姆士迪恩 in the film "Days of Being Wild" and wearing a T-shirt, slightly erected coat collar makeup, costumes, a rebellious young people advocating the eyes of stalwart heroes. In addition, the movie star Yatekani a white T-shirt outside the set of a black vest funny phase, but also to make people more deeply that for T shirt and civilians intimate relationship between the understanding of the performance followed by a series of rebellious youth themes Movies have adopted T shirt dress code, thereby making T shirt was an unprecedented unique personality, branded with the mark of the branch culture. Although the rebellion is the real-life roles are often repressed character pre-release, but in the film received a warm welcome is one thing, can be appreciated by mainstream society, and to follow it is another matter. T shirt In fact, until the movie to find out "screen rogue" role only after a few men began to be adopted as routine equipment, its comfort, health is also praise the people gradually.

4, different kind crazy

T-shirts pandemic wave originating in the 20th century, 70 years. 1973 "Women's Wear Daily Wear Daily" claimed T shirt was then the chief spokesman for the counter-cultural. 1975 contains four thousand eight, according to one million printed T shirt filled with large and small apparel market in the United States, and in subsequent years to maintain this momentum. T-shirts on the design and writing can be printed as long as the wish to come up. Humorous ads, ironically, mischievous, self-mockery of the ideals, the desire to shock the world, Vagrant informal modality are exposed to vent. For this trend seems to be no curb, there were some harsh criticism of the text found T-shirts trying to copy to achieve certain purposes is too Pediatrics. Ironically authors wrote: "If even you say someone does not already willing to listen, how can expect them to listen to your T shirt, then it?"


T Xu as casual wear in every corner of the world, and its anti-traditional culture, the symbolic significance of anti-regime faded, T-shirt and jeans, jackets, of course, was born a good partner, but in casual wear Suit which is not inappropriate, you have listed numerous T shirt with the kind of clothes to match even the Si, but it can not match what, T-shirt is popular. Atmosphere filled with civilians. Flood relief in 1998 most of the actors perform with the T shirt as a suit to show people in disaster areas to tide over difficulties with the heart. T shirt is the most fashionable. CK, Ralph Lauren T shirt on many occasions in the image of male model for fashion advertising. Street dyed hair, wearing a loose cake mushrooms, Dai G-shock table of girls also like to wear a short tight psychedelic color T shirt. It is worth mentioning that, regardless of printing, the new fiber T shirt how to promote fashion, white cotton T shirt is still very much in demand, particularly in a period of 80 years. It is said that a white T shirt reminiscent of the 50s, young people in the Huai-time permanent linger.

T-shirts designed to be simple, style changes usually neckline, hem, cuffs, colors, patterns, fabrics and styling on, T Xu can be divided into a sleeve, vest style, exposed three forms of abdominal . T-shirts are the most active in summer apparel categories, from home dressed in uniforms to pop loaded, T-shirts can be free to mix, as long as a good choice of downloading the same style, you can wear clothing with the popular styles and different mood.

Early T-shirt is a large model, with the short skirts, shorts or jeans, the entire portfolio shows a healthy, vibrant and progressive feeling. In recent years, is a popular fit a small T-shirt, which replaces a large T-shirt, with short skirts, ultra-shorts, tight pants accompanied by a close, a total of singing the main theme of the summer clothing. This combination can be adequately demonstrated beautiful women shape, especially the exposed abdominal T-shirt, and even reveal the vitality of youth and health is a popular summer style.

T Xu production of commonly used fabrics

commonly used for the production of T shirt fabrics include: cotton single jersey, cotton single-sided, as well as cotton, polyester cotton hexagon, square mesh, herringbone pattern, compound rib, mesh and other articles to mention.

Dress with

T-shirt and jeans, a good fit almost from their origins began. Pair of jeans from an Italian port of sailors dressed in a sailor then known as the port for the Genoese, GENES probably came from this; the 17th century, the United States port of Annapolis Tea longshoremen to wear a T-shirt, said that this is the T-shirts initially originated, due to TEA, and TEE euphony, so it is TEE (TEA)-SHIRT 1 said that the latter referred to as T-SHIRT or TEE.19 the late, T-SHIRT gradually became Anglo-American naval uniforms underwear. With the rise of knitting industry, T-shirt as an underwear began to be widely accepted.

Xing Yu Idol

T Xu swept Europe and the United States as a coat began idol's charm and influence. 1951, "A Streetcar Named Desire," a big success, Marlon Brando's tight-fitting T shirt to a man's decadence and sexy rolled into one; throughout the 50's, Elvis Elvis wore a white T-shirt with the image of singing with him in the whole young people in the world of fashion has become the latest fashion and character tags. Since then more movie stars and singers wearing a T shirt began to extreme free-confident self-proclaimed. 50 years, T Xu beyond the underwear, as Europe and the United States Youth essential leisure coat.

Perfect ad

1960, the U.S. presidential election ever intense, the last John F. Kennedy narrowly beat Richard Nixon was elected U.S. president. T-Shirt in this election for the first time a mobile media propaganda campaign. T shirt to wear on his body, not only with mobile (WAP) features, and more into a personal position and attitude of the declaration. Since then, T Xu as an advertising media, popular, Coca-Cola and Pepsi T-shirts make a big fuss changing and has endless. Thereby laying the T shirt is basically a synonym for nightwear.

Vector art

1976, the well-known graphic designer MILTONGLASER launch 'ILOVENY' I Love New York's signature T-shirt, this design has swept the entire NY, and COPY for ILOVE rapidly in major cities worldwide. From then on, T Xu is no longer just civilians, but also a graphic designer fashion art carrier. Today, the world's many well-known graphic designer or groups each year on behalf of its design mood and state of the METAT-SHIRT. Moreover, the beginning of the 1990s, fashion geeks JEANPAULGAULTIER and TOMFORD even premium brands such as CHANEL begun to frequently introduce the design is simple and plain T shirt, T-Shirt in the world's top T frequent appearances on stage to make the civilian clothing was pushed to the elegance and luxury artistic level. T-shirts designed to be simple, style changes usually neckline, hem, cuffs, colors, patterns, fabrics and styling on, T Xu can be divided into a sleeve, vest style, exposed abdominal three forms. T-shirts are the most active in summer apparel categories, from home dressed in uniforms to pop loaded, T-shirts can be free to mix, as long as a good choice of downloading the same style, you can wear clothing with the popular styles and different mood.

Almost at the global, no-one the T shirt as a low-end and boring clothes. It does low-cost, yet the human desire for a perfect realization of self-expression; it really is simple, yet demonstrate personality and quality without compromise! ELLE once said, T-SHIRT will be the most basic clothing styles, such as uniform as never lonely.


T Xu should be very convenient: easy to carry, easy cleaning, easy to buy;

T Xu should be very comfortable: The Cotton or contain cotton fabrics, soft and comfortable, unrestrained;

T Xu should be very cheap: price popularity, so that consumers can accept;

T Xu should be very nice: you can wear to the ball , parties, travel, and so on various occasions;

T Xu should be the voice of humanity: through the pattern directly reflects the spirit of humanity, you can put the interest in daily life, habits, emotions, hobbies, etc. expose is no doubt that Zhang Yang personality, showed off themselves can also anniversary, club activities, promoting Qiao, shaping the company's image, to achieve the needs of the individual and team ... ...

Why do people still wear no printing, light Light T shirt? people's pace of life where every minute counts, people do not want to be without imagination, set constraints, people have a unique taste and individuality. However, people can buy what kind of T shirt? Night market on the finders, and cheap T shirt rough workmanship, printing is more rough, is a veritable "old man shirt"; Baleno, Giordano and other mid-range casual T-shirt, quality good, but T-shirt in addition LOGO is difficult to have other patterns, and choose to go to only pick pick pick T-shirt color, even after wearing to the brand do feel free advertising; upscale shopping district of the printing T shirt is not quite small, but its price is far deviated from the T shirt should be in appearance, not so much that it is better to say that it is fine T shirt dress more appropriate.

T shirt from the international market, the news is even more angry people: a Chinese-made T-shirts around the export price of 1 U.S. dollars; and the United States, the wholesale price of a T-shirt 7-8 U.S. dollars , the retail price of 14-20 U.S. dollars in the up and down. A huge difference because: Chinese-made T shirt is not printed! American imports from China only a white T shirt printed on the flower, can receive high profits. This is changing as more and more of the brand is to enter the Chinese market, the vacancy! Olympic T shirt There are many commemorative T shirt into the torch T shirt and so on, the Beijing Olympics T shirt for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games preparation The T shirt.

T-shirt printing

commonly used printed T shirt screen printing and hot stamping, screen printing system, a first edition can only be printed on the one hand the high cost of a single piece, There are restrictions on the other hand, color in general a maximum of four-color, so color is not rich. The advantage of screen printing is the ability to make pigment attached to the top T shirt. Screen printing are generally used for high-volume, personalized custom is generally not used. The stamping is is to first dye-sublimation ink (a special ink) with the printer to print to a special kind of paper, then transfer to the clothes through the hot stamping machine, if the clothing is cotton, containing less than 70% or completely non-cotton (such as playing the ball to wear clothes) you can transfer directly to the ink into the clothes. If it is cotton with cotton clothes, or a high level, you need to use a dedicated T shirt transfer paper, this paper exhausted in India on clothes Retention something like a layer of rubber, if the transfer paper is good, picture plastic flu is very small, if it is cheaper to transfer paper, then glue will be slightly stronger sense of some short period of time, clothes washing does not affect the image of the future.

Cotton T shirt stamping stamping is divided into light and dark stamping. Generally refers to a number of light-colored white and light blue, etc. T-shirt, with light-colored stamping paper. Good quality and generally poor performance of the part in the drawing is printed, poor paper will pull a fracture, a good paper will be very long will not be broken, there is a time to save the image, the poor more easily fade. A dark-colored T shirt with a dark-colored T shirt transfer paper in general, stuff is also uneven. The biggest difference between dark and light in simple words is the dark thicker layer of rubber that feeling heavier in the summer a sweat on the close to the chest, there is the feeling of being hit chest.

The stamping out of paper with the printer (the ink is a special dye-sublimation ink), and then clothes shop to a hot stamping machine plate, the printed paper on top, press down and some time a individual pieces of clothing produced in this way.

T-shirt design basics

for T shirt design T shirt printing must first master the basic techniques, but also understand the level of the producers and the printing technology used in T shirt printing equipment. For example, the color of T shirt fabric has been printed using water-based slurry coating, but if the producers mastered the production of thermosetting plastic ink technology and the acquisition of appropriate equipment (mainly T shirt printing machine, infrared dryer, Infrared Ovens T shirt, etc.), he can use thermosetting ink for color printing fabric T shirt for processing. The mortar solid ink printing and thermal printing of the patterns have different requirements for the design, mortar can only be a simple pattern of color printing, hot-solid ink, you can use the transition Tone screening printing, not only in a white T-shirt Screening for color printing, can also be carried out in the dark T shirt screen printing spot-color plus. If the pattern designers and producers whose skills do not match technique, then the printed pattern not reach the original designers intent and effect, or even impossible Shi printed. Therefore, T Xu designer must be a T shirt printing technology proficiency, especially good T shirt designer is bound to concern the world's latest T shirt printing equipment, printed materials and state of development and its technical characteristics, to make the most fast using the latest scientific and technological achievements to produce novel and unique to the T shirt.

In industrialized countries, T Xu designers tend to be independent professionals. They start their own T shirt designer or company, they will own creativity and design sell T shirt factory, T Xu operators, advertising companies and other clients. This T shirt design company doing the design is often the first to consider three questions: 1. Customer's requirements; 2. T shirt using the latest printing technology to achieve a unique color out of the artistic effect; 3. The best cost-profit margins.

Color Tone Screen Printing Technology in recent years has developed very rapidly in the domestic popularity, plus screen printing T shirt printing technology is also increasingly be used. Meanwhile, the popularity of desktop publishing systems and competition is more so that the production costs for color separation screening significantly reduced, and now we want to create color separation is a convenient mesh has a very inexpensive things. This progress, as the printing industry by Toppan Printing progress to offset printing, T-shirt design staff out of blocks of color patterns designed to limit (except printing mortar), have greater room for creativity, whether it is photo effects, paint effects Or Printing effects can now be easily adopted by screening screen printing technology to be reproduced on T-shirts. This is a modern technological advances, but also on T shirt designers presented to master digital technology requirements.
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    In formal occasions, men wear a particular dress. The basic structure for the former short suit collar form, post length, dovetail into shape after the garment piece was two slits, the European troops from the driver's costumes.

  • Invisible Underwear

    2004 popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea the latest technology products, characterized by no bound, soft and comfortable, natural, no shoulder strap and back buttons, and different from the traditional bra, invisible bra. A natural dynamic walking, wearing time by adjusting paste method can arbitrarily strengthening effect cleavage.


    English name POLO shirt POLO SHIRT: from polo dress, polo shirt, therefore also called, is a short-sleeved pullover movement, opening with placket neck and next with the buttons.

  • Tights

    Dancers, acrobats and aerial acrobats and other special type cast, there are some special work force. Wearing tight clothing in the trunk of a kind, sometimes with long sleeves, high collars and long to the ankle of the pants.

  • Raincoat

    Raincoat by structure modeling points, mainly hood type, coat type and the sleeveless cape-style, etc.; by material composition points, I am similar weeding system, the main oilcloth raincoat, trench coat, plastic film and waterproof cloth raincoat raincoat.

  • Muffled Skirt

    Qunyao to swing open from the skirt pieces, usually overlap in the predecessor to link systems together.

  • Jacket Dress

    Focus patchwork jacket skirt decorated Ji-open wire in the seams, with horizontal pocket or out patch pocket, after the skirt slits in the seam or front door, also can use the dark folds.

  • Festival Dress

    Festival Tower, also known as dress skirts. Means the skirt body to the horizontal multi-level pieces Chouzhe connected shape of a tower-like skirt. According to the distribution level of the tower can be divided into rules and irregular tower tower skirt dress.

  • Kilt

    Have shaped pleated skirt. Usually high plasticity material, heat press out fold shape. According to the design of creases can be divided into pieces and rules of kilt, kilt. Creases big or small, can be more or less, can be paired fold or fold so the wind modeling.

  • tailored skirt

    In the cutting structure, often using income provinces, pleating and other methods to fit waist hips, knees up and down the length changes in order to facilitate activities of multi-front, pleated or after the slits.

  • Flare Skirt

    From the waist to the hem like a blooming morning glory, have a natural wave.

  • Bell-shaped skirt

    Skirt category. Similar bell shape skirt.

  • Dance clothing

    Dance performances of clothing and apparel. It is the role of the external shape of an important part of the stage is an integral part of the integrated arts.

  • cotton-padded clothes

    Cotton-padded clothes to keep warm in the middle flocculation on the insulation materials such as cotton clothes. Coat in a large number of cotton or duck down, they are able to absorb a lot of air, while the air is poor conductor of heat, not the generated heat exchange, human body is not easy to escape the heat, people can feel the warmth.

  • Basketball clothing

    Basketball athletes wearing the clothing. Generally include upper and lower body vest, shorts, both of the same color, there are absorbent function.

  • Uniform

    Uniform is the same group of people who wear clothes, to identify different groups engaged in various occupations or members, such as students, military, doctors, nurses and police officers and other professional people who often wear uniforms.

  • Cloak

    Phi with the coat, known as the cloak. Sleeveless, neck strap, wrap the shoulders to keep out the cold wind. Who have said the short cape, the elderly, also known as cape, cloak General Hood. Cloak is a multi-structure, mostly northerners and children wear in the winter. Cape after refers.

  • Tights

    Tights, leggings, also known, is tight from the waist to the feet of the pants. Because it is dressed similar to the tights, so called in take socks, socks without end.

  • Pantyhose

    Pantyhose pantyhose stockings known, tights, socks or stockings pants five bone is tight package body from the waist to the feet of clothing, most of pantyhose designed specifically for women.

  • Garter

    Garters with ribbon or elastic bands are binding in silk stockings socks on top of the line in the belt or girdle of the buckle-like hem the edge to prevent a fixture stockings slide....

  • Pencil pants

    Also often called cigarette pants (Drainpipe Jeans), smoking pants (Cigarette Pants), these pants are a Skinny Jeans, is slim pants with pants, also known as narrow pants. This type is characterized pants cut super low waist, can be hip, leg shaping, close to the buttocks, legs, slim lines.

  • Stockings

    Stockings that women can wear socks to thigh (usually silk stockings), but also for stockings.

  • Romper

    For infants between 0-3 years old clothes, clothes, basic dimensions are 70,80,90,95 4 yards. Is a one-piece dress, usually with a cotton cloth fabric, a long-sleeved, short-sleeved divided.

  • Puff Sleeve

    Means sleeve Department pumping was broken from the fold and the Pont-type bubble-shaped sleeves. Feminine characteristics of women's wealth of local style. Department sleeve loose and muster the sleeve. Department has more or less stitched or dense or dilute the fold.

  • straighttrousers

    Zhitong Ku's trousers mouth, generally do not roll over. As the foot openings (the same with the crotch), straight pants, so there are neat, stable feeling.

  • Diving suit

    Diving suit most important function is to prevent body temperature loss when diving too fast, resulting in loss of temperature. Followed by a diving suit can also protect the body being cut rocks and jellyfish, sea anemones and other biological damage.

  • Spacesuit

    Space suit is to protect the lives of astronauts working capacity of the individual activities and closed equipment. To the vacuum of space protection, high temperature, solar radiation and micro-environmental factors such as meteor harm the human body. In a vacuum environment, the human body will become a gas containing nitrogen, so that volume expansion. If people do not wear gas-tight space suit pressure, the pressure difference will be due to the poor and in vivo occurrence of life-threatening.

  • Camouflage

    Camouflage, is a basic type of training uniform, from green, yellow, tea, and black colors of the irregular pattern of a new type of camouflage. Camouflage require it to light and reflection light reflected from the surrounding landscape are similar not only to confuse the enemy's blind, reconnaissance, but also on the 87-style camouflage pay infrared detection, investigation and as the enemy of modernization equipment elusive goal. Camouflage camouflage clothing first appeared as Hitler's army late in World War II, the first to use the camouflage of three-color camouflage. Later, the United States led a number of countries equipped with the four-color camouflage.

  • Training uniform

    Training uniform is military training and combat in the wearing of uniforms, also known as field service and combat service. Most countries of the armed forces are equipped with training uniform. Its main feature is the lightweight compact to meet the requirements of tactical and technical action.

  • Evening

    • famous fashion master Pierre Cardin has said: When you think of Louis XV dynasty, then the ring of the basket is lined skirt dress in front of the image will emerge, designed to shape the contours of the skirt skirt dress ring is perhaps From simple to lavish a signal.

  • Wedding

    Wedding is a wedding ceremony and wedding reception when the bride was dressed in Western-style clothes, wedding can be one means wearing clothing accessories, can also include the veil, bouquet part. Wedding colors, styles, etc. depending on various factors, including cultural, religious and other fashion trends. Wedding from the West, mainly different from the traditional Chinese red dress coat.

  • Seamless underwear

    The edge of underwear to wear underwear in the body can not see signs that the concept of seamless. The so-called seamless underwear is the use of special equipment for production of a novel shaping underwear, which used to produce high elastic knitted outerwear, underwear and sportswear for high technology with high flexibility, so that the neck, waist, hip and other parts without seams.

  • Gym suit

    Gym suit, professional, also known as half-body suit, usually Tezhi woman gym suit. Leotard and spandex materials are generally two types of Nylon, all with good flexibility.

  • Leather clothing

    Leather is the use of animal skins, such as pig skin, cowhide, sheepskin, snakeskin, skin, animal skin, through the specific processing technology into clothes made of leather, animal skin because the hair has the breathability eye, use it for clothes , who as a new layer of skin, so it is cold outstanding contributions to humanity, and of course many advantages, such as the beautiful, noble, dirty and so is not easy.

  • Riding breeches

    Designed for easy riding a knee the following slight, over mast trousers. Formal equestrian athletes dressed in white tights ritual child, dark-colored shirt.

  • Jersey

    For ball games of the athletes wearing sports clothing. Generally include short-sleeved upper body and lower body of the shorts.

  • Shawl

    Cape is made of fabric or fur of different length sleeveless coat, fur or cloth, the disclosure in the shoulder dress (sun stainless).

  • Petticoat

    Skirt worn with the matching skirt necessities, it can not only cover certain parts of the body to make it less obvious, but can be separated out of the skirt and the human body, both to avoid the rough fabric of the hard thick skin irritating, but also Avoid bodily secretions such as sweat and dander on the skirt of the pollution, human action can reduce the direct wear and tear on expensive fabrics, to extend the life of the skirt, in addition, modeling can play with petticoat skirt outline the effect of landscaping; in the bedroom within one to wear petticoats and bras, but also add a feminine charm.

  • Bra

    Bra is to protect the breast, female breast beautification items, it is generally withheld by the department, strap, adjustment ring, the lower wire bra, stuffing and other components.

  • Corset

    Corset after the Renaissance until the mid-twentieth century Europe, a popular clothing. Corset after the Renaissance until the mid-twentieth century popular women's perfume bottle European Figure 1 corset style of a garment.

  • Hot Pants

    Hot pants (Hot Pants), an American super-tight shorts of a title. It is very short shorts, short tight crotch, often cross satin, velvet, velveteen, Li velvet fabrics with special texture, sometimes even helping beaded ornaments, etc.

  • Tank Dress

    Refers to the upper body vest skirt sleeveless vest with or without the structure of skirt. Modern Skirts class name, also known as vest skirt.

  • tailored skirt

    More and black skirt suit, flesh-colored stockings or stockings with matching pants, a dress women formal social occasions.

  • rompers

    Bib that is equipped with Kua shoulder strap waistband pants. The Bib Pants with only two Kua connected, and in the overalls and modern fashion in the chest make up more than a block.

  • Flares

    The name of modern trousers bell-bottoms. The so-called bell-bottoms, so named because of leg Xingzhuang Si speaker. It is characterized by: low-waist short crotch, Jin Guo buttocks; legs under the narrow width, gradually opening from below the knee, knee Kukou size larger than the size, form a horn-shaped.

  • tight skirt

    Tongqun is Li's favorite clothing women, strong national characteristics. Tongqun is woven by hand spinning skirt. Dress the same width as the first Qunjiao, no fold seamless, looks like a cloth tube, hence the name Tongqun.

  • Evening dress

    20:00 at night after evening dress formal dress wear, women dress is the highest grade, most unique, fully shows the person's dress-like dress style.

  • Denim Skirt

    Denim skirt style is generally free and easy, casual, simple, natural, it not only has a kind of charming women, among the trace of calm in the elegant, but also fully demonstrated the women's health, magnanimous side. Different ages and status of modern women can find in the denim skirt in a common language, common language that is life, joy and vitality and youth.

  • Baby Clothing

    For infants less than age wear clothing. First, the baby's underwear, outerwear different requirements. Infant clothing, health standards are high, the baby's underwear is much higher than the frequency change clothes. And compared to suit a diverse range of jackets, baby underwear to be relatively cheap price.

  • Knitted Underwear

    The so-called underwear is worn on the coat close to the skin and body inside the clothes. Knitted underwear is the most textile and apparel market, apparel variety of consumer concern, the second skin, the body, said. The main function is to warm underwear, sweat, protect human body such as skin and avoid dirty coat.

  • Children's Clothing

    Kids children's clothing for short, is wearing clothes suitable for children.

  • Home Services

    To trace the origin of domestic service, have to mention pajamas. Home services even today, many people do not understand the difference between domestic service and where pajamas. Transformed from the home subject to pajamas, but now long out of the home service concept of pure pajamas, covered a wider range.

  • Pajamas

    Pajamas pajamas culture has been used as domestic clothing, wear it people relaxed. Furthermore, it was like wearing pajamas in the street Huang, might feel that people are not dressing ritual. But recently seen Several Newly news, so me to redefine the role of pajamas.

  • Bike service

    Close riding wear underwear because of the comfort fabric demanding. More cold weather, usually made of heat retaining, breathable, thermal insulation, good polyester fabric; weather than hot, sweat, breathable, lightweight fabric Quick-drying washable preferred, for example, polyester mesh fabric.

  • Fleece

    Zhuarong Yi made mainly by the Polyester Fleece (call it the domestic habits grasp plush, Fleece), is the main outdoor sports in winter insulation material.

  • cardigan

    Wool knitwear that is mainly used by wool, cashmere, angora and other animal hair fibers spun into yarn as the main raw material after the woven fabric, such as rabbit sweaters, Shenandoah sweaters, lamb sweater, acrylic dragon spruce and so are the sweater big family.

  • Tjawhite

    Jacket, also known as windbreaker or raincoat, outdoor enthusiasts is one of the essential equipment. Whether a family of urban leisure, or ordinary weekend picnic lovers, whether you are doing in the long-distance hiking and mountain climbing, or professional adventure, ice climbing, or even seven or eight kilometers of mountain climbing, one for their "all-weather "Your jacket is an essential choice.

  • plus fours

    Modern pants clothing name. Straight pants that large, trousers mouth tightened caulking elastic waistband area, upper and lower ends of Jin Zhai, middle loose fat, shaped like a lantern pants.

  • Thermal underwear

    Wearing thermal underwear for personal, direct contact with the skin, can not have static, so to the best cotton. The most common long-sleeved cotton underwear is the most personal representative.

  • Fast drying

    Quick-drying the origin: the so-called Quick-drying is actually from English QUICK-DRY, or DRY-EASY and other similar words literal translation, but refers to the Quick-drying fabric with wool or cotton clothing and clothing when compared to that in the outside world the same conditions, the more likely will go out of water evaporation, dry faster.

  • Jumpsuit

    Modern trousers class name, also called union suit jacket and pants together is a form of clothing, mainly for children's wear. Most do not even underwear collar, behind cardigan, style simple, easy to wear off, more civil and rural wearer. Some machinery mechanic work clothes, there is also an even underwear style.

  • Health clothes

    Sweater was born in the 30s New York, was the production of tooling for the cold storage workers. However, the characteristics of warm and comfortable sweater increasingly favored by athletes, soon after members of his girlfriend and is popular in the football star in the music.

  • Undershirt

    T-shirt was originally known as the clothes and single, later known as T-shirts and Xiang Yu Han emperor is said to be fighting, sweat soaked in the single, only T-shirt, the origin of the name. Now T-shirt T-shirt with the ancient style were different texture can be still called a T-shirt because they have absorbent function of it.

  • Ski suit

    Ski clothing is generally divided into competitive services and tourism services. Competitive service is based on the characteristics of events designed to focus on the improvement of athletic performance. Travel services mainly to keep warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical.

  • Trench Coat

    Windbreaker is a cover wind, rain, cold long clothes.

  • Fur

    Fur is the use made of animal fur clothing. Often used to make fur animals including rabbits, foxes, rare animals such as mink class is a source of fur.

  • Mountaineering

    Asked to wear off easily, so the shoulder, arm, knee without any pressure; pockets should be big and be covered with bags, buttons, zippers, so the thing would not fall within the pocket. Choose smooth surface smooth, can prevent sand fabric.

  • singlet

    Shirt = t-shirt (transliterated T-shirt), is a special kind of T shirt! Generally refers to some of the clothing is designed with the specific meaning of the text or pattern of short-sleeved T-shirts.

  • formal clothes

    The so-called formal dress, is applicable to a solemn occasion of the formal dress, formal dress is formal occasions, rather than entertainment and home environment of the dress. Such as suits, tunic, Dress, etc..


    Professional services market is extremely large audience, for a wide range of different workplace occupational specific requirements of each service.

  • Jeans

    Jeans, is a cloth with indigo denim straight crotch pants tailored, narrow legs, shrunk after wearing a tight package will be hip. First appeared in the western United States were subject to local miners and cowboys welcome, is still very popular in the contemporary.

  • lovers' clothes

    Lovers, is a modern vocabulary, is the couple both wore a pair of clothes, can be the same, it can be a right, is the expression of a couple both love clothes. Lovers, is now very popular with the public welcomed the couples one of the types of clothing, so wearing a couple two lovers can promote love, sweet, you can see the signs together forever.

  • Swimsuit

    In the water or beach activities and the physical model and beauty pageant display a special clothing when. Women wearing two garments, the most likely to lead to the opposite sex attention. One evening, the other is a swimsuit.

  • Uniforms

    Special needs for work clothes. According to customer requirements, combined with professional features, team culture, age structure, body features, wearing habits, from the color of clothing, fabric, style, shape, with so many consider the best design for the customer to create wealth content and quality of the new professional image.

  • School uniforms

    Uniforms (xiàofú) school provides students with a unified style clothing, primary and secondary general wear. School uniforms, uniforms for students in the school ~! Schools in order to standardize the management of ~ uniform dress code. The uniforms also have a direct impact on the school's image!

  • Smock

    If the Han Chinese clothing by points from outside to inside, then both can be divided into smock draped over the outside of Chinese clothing windbreaker cloak similar to the function of the class.

  • spencer

    Jacket jacket''known''that Length short, wide chest, tight sleeves, tight shirt style hem. A lapel, collar off, collar, rib collar and so on. Usually cardigan, tight waist, loose shoulder. Comfortable. Unlined, Jia Yi, coat both, men and women Jieke wear. Some packages also formed, such as men with jeans, skirts and other women with.

  • Jeans

    The fabric does more with solid production style has been developed to denim jackets, jeans, denim shirt, denim vest, denim vests, skirts, denim children's clothing and various styles.

  • long gown

    Gown, also known as long gown and the Supplements of the Manchu, the Qing dynasty was imposed on the Han, the Han people from this as mufti.

  • Tang suit

    Tang suit intended to refer to the Han Dynasty clothes, a traditional jacket, skirt, a style popular in the early period of Tang general, basically followed the women from the Eastern Han Chinese traditional jacket lower part system.

  • Chinese tunic suit

    Chinese tunic suit is a garment, is named after the Chinese revolutionary pioneer Sun Yat-sen suit for men. As always in public wearing Mao tunic, tunic West, the Mao suit.


    Modern life jacket is one of the most common form of clothing, because of its shape light, lively, vibrant, so loved by the masses of young men and women.

  • Overcoat

    Coat is longer than Hip Waichuan clothing apparel. Broad sense also includes windbreaker, raincoat.

  • Tube Top

    Ancient women's bras, from back to front confinement, the following cable can be around the same time, Department Qunyao. Modern dress: Tube Top Dress in summer take an important one within the product, either to bring you security and comfort, but also make you enchanting femininity.

  • Sweater

    Sweater, hand-woven by machine or wool coat. The use of human life in the original leaves, animal skins to cover themselves in webs of life, animal husbandry and fisheries fishing, on knowing how to use knitting techniques, with the evolution of civilization and technological innovations, not only the full use of various types of human animals and plants and other natural fibers woven out of life is needed for more developed a variety of chemical fiber, mineral fiber, so that human life more comfortable and convenient.

  • Cheongsam

    Cheongsam is a traditional women's clothing, one half of the 20th century when the Han Chinese women from the Republic of Manchu women traditional reference services and the flag design on the basis of Western culture, a kind of fashion is a cultural blending East and West concrete.

  • Bikini

    Bikini (Hong Kong known as the bikini) generally refers to women wearing bathing suits when swimming, or Bikini.

  • top

    Shirt is worn outside the clothes, the wearing of clothes.

  • Girls installed

    Casual style, generous, pure, body and full of personality. Stability is generally used in color tone.

  • braces skirt

    Dress is usually in the lumbar section of the above sites have a chest protector and retaining the back of the cloth. Wear in the summer season, cool, comfortable, in addition to other girls, adults dressed in modern popular.

  • ethnic costume

    Traditional national costume national form of clothing, also known as folk clothing.

  • Strap dress

    Here are a variety of style clothing skirts, accompanied by the top strap (strap width can be narrow, there are a variety of style), wearing a skirt when the use of braces to lift, convenient and practical.

  • Suits

    Means a well-designed, with matching pants or dress down matching, or matching coat and shirts. There piece suit, there are added into a three-piece vest. Usually by the same color in line with the expected or modeling style clothing, pants, skirts, etc. made to match. Change its pattern mainly in the T-shirt, generally T-shirt, style name, or distinguish between species.

  • Skirt

    Modern trousers class name. A kind of wearing apparel (men's skirt has been), the same as the pants with the crotch, under, trousers under the mouth relaxed, appearance shape of skirts, pants and skirts are a combination of body.

  • Pants

    Modern trousers names, commonly known as three-quarter length pants. 3 Hong Kong and Macao region of bone is a British three quarts (Quarter) of the harmonics. 3 quarts meaning that three-quarters inch. Pairs of long pants in the pants in the three quarters of the parts referred to as three-quarter length pants. Its length is about 10 cm below the knee in the wearer to 20 centimeters. This pants wearer in Hong Kong and Macao are more eighties also endemic in our country.

  • Trousers

    Pants (trousers〕 mainly refers to a suit jacket with matching pants worn. Mainly because of trousers worn in the office and social occasions, so demand for comfort in a natural context, the more attention on the physical form of coordination. Cutting the amount of time to relax moderate , gives a feeling of calm and steady. trousers in the production process and style, basically has been internationalized and standardized. West shorts and trousers of the process is basically the same, ranging in length above the knee may be according to their own needs and demands.

  • Casual clothes

    People engaged in various activities, leisure life, worn clothing. And sportswear considerable proportion of the overlap part. Can often be used interchangeably. Casual wear is also highly correlated with a modern lifestyle, attach importance to quality of life, stressed the important values of life of leisure led to the popularity of casual wear. A typical casual wear are T-shirts, jeans, denim skirts, sweaters, checked flannel shirt, corduroy pants, cotton socks, sneakers and so on.

  • Sportswear

    Sports competition dedicated to the clothing. Usually by sports specific requirements designed. Broad sense, also includes outdoor sports wear clothes.

  • Winter clothes

    The winter clothes actually do a good job is to sew together the two parts of winter clothes - which part of the cold, wind from the outside part of the role.

  • down jacket

    Down (down coat) down-filled packing T-shirt, a huge rounded shape. Accounted for more than half of the general duck down jacket at the same time can be intermixed with small feathers, the duck down clean, pasteurized and then filled in the clothing that is in a down jacket. Down warm is better. People are mostly dressed in cold regions, but also commonly used for the polar expedition staff.

  • Trousers

    Style trousers in the first single, hypertrophy, so wearing on the body seemed more cumbersome, not very beautiful, and even disappeared for a long time, was even more warmth in thinner and lighter replaced wool trousers.

  • Jacket

    Cotton-padded jacket is a kind of warm winter wear that has a strong role of the T-shirt, this garment a total of three layers, the outermost layer called the face, mainly the color with some bright or thicker fabric patterns; the middle layer is a very warm effect of cotton; most inside layer is called lining, generally is relatively thin fabric.

  • Shorts

    Shorts (shorts), the old name for pants is a clothing covering lower body to the thigh, there are men's or ladies of the points, shorts of varying lengths, some of President to the leg. Usually for the summer and autumn wear.

  • skirt

    Skirt is a Wai Yu lower body clothing, slightly ring, the two basic forms for downloading (another way for the pants), one of a broad sense, including dress, skirt, waist skirt.

  • Sleeve

    Short-sleeve is a spring and summer clothes, one of the most popular option, especially in hot weather, unbearable heat of summer, short-sleeved with its natural, comfortable, chic without losing the advantages of a sense of solemnity gradually replace old men wear a piece vest or a T-shirt plus a short-sleeved shirt or sweater pattern in Hong Kong in social occasions, become willing to wear seasonal clothing.

  • Miniskirt

    Overview miniskirt miniskirt (miniskirt), also known as mini skirt, is an above knee length skirt is only, (André Courrèges the skirt cut to the knee over a 6-inch, equivalent to 15 cm or so, a more scientific definition is that if you are in an upright When your index finger and ring finger to touch the bottom edge of skirt, this definition is more scientific than 6 inches, because a person's height, decides how high above the knee were classified as specific to the miniskirts are different. miniskirt the best matching method is to wear with the boots. equipped with boots, showed the vitality of youth.

  • Vest

    Sleeveless T-shirt, also known as a vest or sleeveless jacket is a sleeveless and collarless, and a shorter jacket. Main function is to warm before and after the chest area and to facilitate the activities of his hands. It can be worn inside the coat, you can also wear the underwear out. The main varieties and all kinds of suits vest, cotton vest, down vest and a wool vest and so on.

  • Skirts

    Skirt is a kind of Wai in the lower body clothing, belonging to the two basic forms of downloading (the other is pants). Generalized skirt also includes dresses, petticoats, waist skirt. Skirt and skirts are generally Qunyao body composition, and some only a skirt and no Qunyao body. It is the earliest human clothing. Because ventilation cooling performance, wearing a convenience, ease of action, style, changing a number of advantages for the widely accepted by people, including women and children wearing more.

  • Coat

    Jackets, also known as the coat is worn outside the clothing at the most. Jacket size generally more big, long sleeves, in the upper body coverage when wearing other clothing. Coat front with buttons or zippers to wear. Generally used as a warm jacket or resist the use of rain water.

  • Pants

    Pants or pants, noun. Refers to (people) wearing clothes below the waist, generally by a waistband, a crotch, two sewing trousers made.

  • Shirts

    Shirt is worn between the inside and outside the jacket, the jacket can be worn alone. Shirt originally meant for the short-sleeved within the lining of the dress unlined.

  • T shirt

    T-shirts also known as T-shirt, first underwear, in fact half-open collar shirt lapel, was later developed to coat, including the T shirt T shirt T-shirts and shirts two series.

  • Dress

    Dress is a general term for species, is that people, especially young men and women like the one of the summer. Dress in a variety of modeling styles known as the "style queen", is unpredictable, species most, the most popular style.

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