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Ski suit

Ski clothing is generally divided into competitive services and tourism services. Competitive service is based on the characteristics of events designed to focus on the improvement of athletic performance. Travel services mainly to keep warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical. Ski clothes are generally very bright colors, not only from the aesthetic to consider, more important from the safety sake. If you ski in the mountains, especially on steep slopes, away from the construction of the ski venues prone to collapse or become disoriented, in this case, brightly colored clothes to find provides a good visual.

As the ski is a cold environment for the sport, so in the choice of underwear, it is best not cotton products, but with a special material made of Si Pu-lun close, breathable and allows sweat molecules, revealed the underwear. It is the inner layer of the wicking effect of unidirectional fiber material itself does not absorb water, the outer layer is cotton products, may absorb sweat in cotton products, the effect was very good.

In addition, when the inevitable fall in skiing. If there is no piece ski suit, after the snow fall from the ankle, wrist, collar, etc. clothing in drilling. Solution to this problem is very simple, only to be an acrylic cotton elastic barreled into the knee, a pair of wrist plus a scarf on wide problems can be solved.

Ski clothing category: double-plate continuum: the benefits of traditional ski suit is to make clothes inside into the snow, piece design, but the action is not convenient, has been eliminated, now almost sold very few, have been split to replace.

Ski clothing choices

First, can not choose too small or tight clothing package body (other than the professional game service), that would limit the time for slide slide action. T-shirt to loose sleeves should be long to straighten the arm at the wrist after the slightly longer as the standard cuff should have adjustable elastic necking and function. Collar should be upright collar openings to prevent cold air from entering. The length of pants should be people-ministers squatting ankle after Kujiao degree subject. Opening a two-tier structure under the legs of which are with non-slip rubber inner elastic shut, to tightly stretch the boots on, into the snow can prevent; outer layer of hard wear-resistant lining the inner side, to prevent sliding another bump when the ski boot outer damage caused.

Second, the structural point of view, ski suits have cloned one-piece ski suits and ski suits in two forms. Cloned convenient ski suit wearing, but it must be a high waist pants choice type, and preferably soft strap and belt. T-shirt must be relaxed, and have to choose the middle waist belt or pumping zone, to prevent the slide after the snow fall into the ski suit from the waist. Straighten your arms after the sleeve can not be stretched too tightly, rather long, because upper limb in the ski course in a comprehensive campaign, especially for beginners. Simple one-piece ski suit, wearing comfortable into the snow to prevent the effect of a good body score, but the dress is troublesome. According to the author's experience, one-piece ski suit to wear ski clothes glide over cloned when convenient.

Third, since most of my skiing is in the interior, are cold, dry climate, low temperature, wind, snow quality hard, so from the material point of view, ski clothing materials should be used outside the wear Fangsi, wind the surface by wind or Fangsi treated nylon cloth material better. In view of our ski mostly running cable is not enclosed, together with the air temperature is low, so the inner layer of warm ski suit should be made of heat retaining material with good insulating cotton or cotton DuPont, for skiers in the ride cable to provide a good warm conditions. According to the author's experience, one-piece ski suit ski suits than cloned thermal effect is good.

Fourth, from the color point of view, the best choice to contrast with the white form larger red, orange, blue, or a variety of colors with eye-catching colors, one for the added charm of the sport, the main thing is for other skiers to provide a visible sign, to avoid collision accidents.

Fifth, ski suits with large zipper opening mainly to facilitate the gloves could also facilitate the operation. Should be easy to open a large number of pocket for some of the popular ski items into different categories for ease of use due to frequent need to order a hand to hold the ski pole ski equipment and glide, so ski gloves should be large, to select the five fingers separate. Gloves Wrist mouth longer, better able to cuff hooded, if there is elastic sealing, can effectively prevent the entry of snow. Choose the best ski cap hedge type, only the first part of the face exposed, to prevent cold damage on the face of women is particularly important. In short, a comfortable, beautiful ski suits with a beautiful sliding your casual attitude will give you a better enjoyment.
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